Our Week in Snapshots

THE SMITH FAM reaches a whole new level of picture overload…

Monday was soccer practice day. Afterwards we decided to head to Chick Fil A so the kids could play. Unfortunately, Emmy had a two year old MELT DOWN less than a mile away from Soccer City. Sometimes being a parent is so hard when it comes to serving up consequences and teaching your kids to obey. Anyway, we eventually got a big apology and our sweet girl was back and ready to play. Phew! I was a little worn out by the whole thing but glad I ended up getting my delicious Cobb salad and time with my sister and lil man while the kids took on the playroom.

On Tuesday I caught up on some little updates I’ve been wanting to get to: making an art area in Em’s room, decorating Tuck’s blank wall a bit, painting his airplanes and letter T so they show up better against his dark walls, changing his “Baby Smith” banner to a Tucker Smith banner, filling his chalkboard with a message since changing it for Em’s birthday party, and turning Em’s crib into a toddler bed- terrible idea. The kids played together like little buddies and we tried out Angie’s recipe for clean-eating pancakes. They were surprisingly delicious! I even spent nap time reading up on the crazy potty-training method we may be attempting sooner than later. I’ll keep you in the loop on how that goes! Later that night we had a girls dinner at Cosmo’s. Girls night never disappoints and always leaves me feeling so refreshed and thankful for these women.

Wednesday was my mom’s birthday and it was also GORGEOUS outside! We all met for some park fun at Lafortune and then a celebratory lunch at Pei Wei. We tried letting Em and Jonah ride the swing together like old times but they were a little more squished than they were 15 months ago. 🙂

Later that night we all met at Angie’s for some cake, balloons, and presents… HOORAY!

Wednesday was beautiful! We were thankful to have our sweet friends Bethany, Reese, and Kinley over to play in the backyard. It had been far too long since our last play date. The girls were so good about entertaining each other and we actually got to chat most of the time. 🙂 After our friends headed home for naps we just kept playing outside because it was too beautiful! Emmy kept saying, “I pet Tucker’s head. It’s soooo soft!”

Wednesday night our sweet friends, the Kielmeyers, came over for burgers on the grill. Em was sooo silly that night. She and Mine’ put on an epic performance of “Let it Go” at the dinner table that won’t soon be forgotten and she also taught Nay the art of swaddling. 😉 Love laughing with these people!

Thursday was another gorgeous day spent playing in the grass. After that brutal winter, each sunny day is like an unbelievable gift, not to be wasted. I couldn’t help but take lots of selfies with these smiling little babes. I never want to forget these moments of pure joy with these birds. In other news, I started working out at Health Zone during nap time this week. It’s been working out really well with Matt working from home and I just pray I stay motivated and finally get back into shape. Fingers crossed. After my workout I did some blogging about my silly girl in the backyard with a big bowl of watermelon. Spring, you are my new favorite and I’ll take more moments like this please!

After naps we headed to Josh’s Sno Shack for opening day! Em kept telling everyone, “I wearing my sno shack shirt!” During our wait in an epic opening day line we had the privilege of standing in front of two little boys who kept talking about Josh like he was a celebrity. It was too cute! I think they were actually calling him, “The Josh”. hehe! Em LOVED her rainbow sno cone with gummy bears. All that sugar had these kids running wild and being super silly. So many summer memories to come!

On Saturday morning we woke the kids up and put them straight into the bike trailer for a morning adventure. We stopped at Einstein for some breakfast and coffee with the fam. Later, we worked hard on bringing more spring to our yard. I’m so domestic- I actually planted these flowers. 😉 After gardening for an hour or so I was shocked to see Emmy run up to me (I thought she’d been sleeping the whole time). Thanks to her toddler bed, she’d actually been playing with toys and completely missed nap time all together. When HJ and Chels came over for steaks on the grill Em went to bed for the night around 6:30 after another parenting battle with an exhausted toddler. Oh boy. Tucker has a new favorite spot in the house. He’s been crawling to the window and perching on his knees watching outside and it’s just too sweet.

Sunday morning we visited The Bridge and had a blast at their Springfest event! It was crazy windy but Emmy LOVED the blowups, hot dogs, and cousin time!


On Monday, we had a blast at soccer practice with the cousins and then headed to CFA to play away the rest of our energy.

After nap-time, the rain was coming down so were able to use the TOTALLY AMAZING, SUPER FUN umbrellas that Gram got for the kids. They were SO excited to show Mimi and the Juarez fam at family night. We also said a sad good-bye to Grandpa Juarez and Cousin Samuel. These kids are so blessed to have family that treasures them!

Norah loved playing with her “best-friend Reese” on Tuesday. These sweet girls played and played together- putting on a rock show and swinging “to Arrondale.”  Reese is a beautiful, sweet friend!

Tuesdays nights are probably my favorite night of the week- girls night! 🙂20140414-225009.jpg

On Wednesday, we celebrated Gram! We met at the park for fun and play-time and then went to lunch at Pei Wei. Gram taught the kids hopscotch and cheered them on as they tried to master it. Jonah used chopsticks surprizingly well at lunch and kept asking for more food to “get in here!”

That evening, Norah’s sweet friend Brooklyn got to come over and we celebrated Gram’s birthday with the whole fam. Jonah taught everyone his new (loud) trick of hammering his game. Such a little man!

Thursday morning, we rode bikes and played at the park. Such a beautiful day! That evening our sweet friends Dustin and Mandy stayed with the kids so Josh and I could have “one last date night” before Sno Cone Season. Norah learned to eat (and loved) artichoke. Both the kiddos LOVE these wonderful friends!

Friday was a “National Holiday” in our book. The sno shack OPENED for the season. Norah wore her supporting attire to school and even got to bring friend’s to Daddy’s Sno Shack after school. Jonah and I spent the morning on a “date” (because we “wove” each other as Jonah says.) We got donuts and brought them to the shack for the staff. When we arrived at 1030am, there were kids lined up already… couches, tents and blankets lined the road.

Gram ended up picking Jonah up for nap-time and Norah got to go to Bootcamp with me in the evening. After a busy day, we all met back at the shack to celebrate the epic day!

On Saturday, Mandy watched the kiddos again for me. Seriously, they are the best! When I got home from the shack, Jonah even told me to leave again so he could play with Mandy. I convinced him to let me stay by taking him for ice cream :). Nonetheless, he had to have Mandy put him to bed!

Sunday morning, I took the kids to church for Springfest. The kids had a blast on all the inflatable games and we were ALL worn out when we came home. We crashed into bed for naps and woke up to watch the storms roll into town.

Jonah and I even practiced our selfies 🙂 🙂 🙂

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