Our Week in Snapshots


Last week was a slooow, long week. Norah woke up Monday morning with a stomach bug which she quickly passed to her brother. 😦 We spent lots of time cuddling, watching Frozen and enjoying our jammies. Every happy face was wonderful!

By Thursday morning, we were so excited to get out of the house and head to the park! It was a beautiful day for playing :).

Thursday evening we made up our missed Little Kickers class and then picked up yet another prescription at CVS. Jonah has this new idea that if he closes his eyes and picks up candy, I won’t see him. Funny kid.

On Friday night, we had a King family dinner at Jodi’s and once again played away with Emmy’s BMW.

On Saturday, Norah had a fun “Girl’s Date” with Mimi. They went to a tea and to see a local “Beauty and the Beast” production. Norah was goggly-eyed over Belle, totally in love with the whole theater. She definitely has Juarez genes! πŸ™‚

Saturday evening we went to a Trivia Night for Aunt Tori’s school. We laughed like crazy and sadly lost to a team of MIT grads.

On Sunday, we made it to church and then had lunch with Josh’s family. Grandpa Juarez and Josh’s cousins, Daniel and Samuel are here from Texas. Norah loved all the attention!


Monday morning we had our first soccer practice for the winter season. It felt great running around with Em again. She really perfected the art of the “freeze stance” at this practice. πŸ™‚

After naps we got a surprise visit from Sofia and her family. Emmy had fun showing her the new wheels and “sharing” baby dolls. πŸ˜‰ After our little play date we did some flower shopping and singing in the rain.

Tuesday morning we spent playing at home. Tuck is really on the moveΒ and is determined to get wherever he wants to go, even if he has to climb over people. πŸ™‚ Later, Nay came over to play with the kids while I went in for a much needed highlight. Thank you for making me summer-ready, Audrey!

We made lots of grocery runs this week and tried several new recipes. Tuck is starting to slowly but surely get the hang of this whole eating thing. He’s still toothless and struggles with the concept of swallowing bites but we’re getting there! Unfortunately for him being a little brother means lots of pink bibs.

We finally got into the dermatologist for Tucker. He’s had a gnarly rash on his little sideburn for months now. The baby eczema began creeping its way all over his back and tummy so we needed some remedy. Sometimes it feels like we live in the waiting room. I just can’t believe how old Tuck is getting. He is growing like crazy and is just the sweetest. While doing dishes I put him in his bumbo by my feet. I looked down a second later and he was playing with toys on his belly. Gotta be careful with this determined little muscle-man. Matt’s having a super busy work week so we were happy to be his brain break and walk the neighborhood.

Thursday was too beautiful not to be outside with the littles. We headed to the park with Nay, Angie, and the kids for some slides, swings, and duck-feeding. Tucker was looking way too cute in his backward cap and just wanted to be one of the big kids running around.

After lunch we played even more outside. Tuck and I worked on our silly selfie poses. πŸ˜›Β I get so excited seeing these beautiful buds coming to life. Spring is in the air and I know this backyard will be covered in vibrant shades of purple and green before we know it. This winter’s been brutal and signs of Spring are SO welcome!

Now that Tucker’s started his food journey we do A LOT of sink baths. This boy gets it pretty much everywhere but his mouth! Emmy wanted to join him for some splashing around. And splashing they DID! My kitchen was a splash pad but they had the best time together and that’s my favorite thing to see. Oh- and I got this rug for $45 at Target! What!? Love scoring a fabulous clearance item and finishing off a space.

Matt spent most of Saturday locked away in his office hard at work so a lunch date was definitely the highlight of our day!Β This cutie was giving us some serious CHEESE! πŸ™‚ Love it!

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