High-Waisted Shorts

I turned 28 just a couple weeks ago, but suddenly, as the summer fashion lines come out, I wonder if I grew grey hair and and missed a decade of fashion trends. Crop tops, high waisted shorts (the inevitable flat “mom” butt), open-back dresses, knotted shirts to the side and rompers. Seriously? Whichever designer put rompers for adults on a runway, forgot that in the real world we have to use public restrooms and pulling your whole outfit to the floor is… an issue.


These summer fashion trends seem to be a combination of the worst fashion ideas for anyone who sacrificed their body in growing a baby. What mom would look appropriate with her saggy belly button peaking out below her crop top? Forget stretch marks on the mid-drift, the tell-tale “postpartum navel” is enough to keep a shirt over. Then, there’s the high-waisted shorts. If 9months of pregnancy didn’t destroy your sex-appeal, a flat butt will.  Open back dresses- not really play-date appropriate. And knotted shirts to the side, all I can see in the mirror is my 6 year old self.


What happened to flowing shirts, peplum tops and neon colors? Roman sandals and messy hair? Slides, splash pads and even rubber playgrounds can handle those fashions. A designer with “mom-sense” needs to set some new trends… otherwise, I may be destined to be fully outfitted by GAPFIT and Target athletic wear this summer. Performance fabric just holds too much allure to busy #momlife. 🙂

oh boy. Growing up is F.U.N. 🙂


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