Our Week in Snapshots


Early Sunday morning, we ran out to get some sprinkle donuts before heading to church. The kids love to make up their own poses now :).

We made green play-doh on St. Patricks Day, though Norah refused to actually wear green. “I just don’t like that boy color. I like PINK!”

My mom gave me these beautiful bracelets for my birthday and my friends went over the top to make me feel special too!

We did some playing outside the rest of the week, soaked in some sunshine, and got a little dirty… I even got black eye from playing co-ed soccer on Friday night. Β A close up shot to the face is a little dizzying!

Thursday night, we had a campfire “Family Night” with some of our employees. Norah and Jonah LOVED all their big kid friends and Norah was elated when they all agreed to play “Follow the Leader” with her! She led them all over Zina’s house and around the backyard, commanding them to march and stay in line. She is one LOVED little girl!

Some of our very favorite “friends” were home for Spring Break and though Norah prayed all week for Spring Break to end (she wanted dance class and school to come back), she was SO excited to get time with Jordan, Hannah and Alex! These girls are such a huge blessing to our family!

On Saturday, Norah and I had a girl’s day. We got our nails done, stopped for a cupcake and then even went to Fortune Cookie Soap to pick out a bath fizzy.


Sunday morning we started with church and some coffee shop time with the littles. We brought the kids home for some early naps before Sofia’s big party. This sweet girl turned 2 and Emmy and Tuck loooooved celebrating! Sedef was so sweet to hold baby Tucker and read the girls story books.Β Fusun made the girls these adorable tutus and wands. πŸ™‚ We love this family so much!

Sunday night was spent playing with the cousins at the Juarez house. Emmy and Jonah were coincidentally color-coordinated so we needed a pic of course..20140319-083200.jpg

We started the week at home a lot this week doing some spring cleaning (cleaning out our garage and detailing our cars). Em woke up in party-mode still and mostly danced to music and ran away from the noisy shop vac! πŸ™‚

We did a little shopping and mirror kissing too…20140319-083211.jpg

Tuesday morning Matt woke me up with an impromptu plan to head to Cancun this Sunday. It was pretty much the best way to wake up! We’ve been looking at planning a trip sometime in June to celebrate our anniversary and getaway just the two of us. Suddenly we decided now would work better than June and why not go for it!? πŸ™‚ So we’ve been packing the kiddos for cousin sleepovers and time with Grandma and Pops. I’ve been shifting our doctors appointments, doctoring some runny noses, and preparing for our little vaca. Tuesday night was spent celebrating my wonderful sister and her 28th birthday at Zanmai with girlfriends. Afterwards we grabbed some dessert at Cosmo’s and talked late into the night. I’m so thankful for these girls in my life. It’s always a great time!

Thursday was filled with both Frozen and Tangled. Sometimes cuddles and adorable movies just sound good when everyone’s a little under the weather. Later that day we headed to the mall to pick out a new suitcase. Em insisted on pulling it behind her all the way back to the other side of the mall. She also stopped to help this poor manikan with his shoelaces untied. Love our goob!

Friday morning we did a Starbucks run and dropped daddy off for his boy’s weekend. Em enjoyed some bread and “Starbucks water” in her kitty-cat jammies, princess crown, and elmo slippers. πŸ™‚ She told daddy, “Have fun! Later gator!” He’s off to watch the NCAA basketball tournament with his buddies.

We stopped by Angie’s for a visit that afternoon. These kids are so sweet to baby Tucker and show him such a good time. Thankful for such amazing cousins for our kids (even Xavi) πŸ™‚

After naps we played outside and relaxed together. These two are pure joy! Lots of silly faces and selfless.. Tuck’s still working on following directions when it comes to posing. πŸ˜‰

After Tuck hit the sack, Emmy and I popped up some popcorn and started our girls sleepover with Swan Princess in mommy’s big bed. πŸ™‚ Have I mentioned that I love this girl?

Oh, and Tucker started army crawling this week. Woohoo! He is getting pretty fast and will be taking off on all fours soon I’m sure…

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