Vacation Gifts for Kids

Last week, my husband and I headed out for a “real vacation” without the kids for the first time. We were gone 4 full days and 3 nights. I was brainstorming how to make it easy for my kids to understand time and how to look forward to each new day of their own “stay-cation” with family. My 3 year-old is very into figuring out when she can do things, how many “dark nights” til an adventure, and when everyone will be back. Since, we were out of the country, easy phone calls and communication wasn’t an option.

At first I thought about writing letters for each of them for each day we were gone- like the kind your parents drop of for you at camp and you think they mailed to you each day :). However, neither my 2 or 3 year-old can read yet… so, long letters aren’t that exciting. That’s when I decided to put together gifts (and a little letter) for each day we were gone.

My three year-old responds well to expectations placed on her and loves to tell you how good she did at what you asked of her. So, each package had details of what the day may hold, things that I expected Norah to do, and presents to celebrate a special stay-cation. Norah was SO happy to tell me she was a big helper for Aunt JoJo, just like I had asked her to be. Makes this Mommy-heart proud!20140317-154155.jpg

I picked up gifts in the Target dollar bins, the Disney store and at LUSH.

DAY 1: Stickers, a new book, tootsie rolls and gum for Norah.

Day 2: New PAJAMAS! Princess and Cars pajamas, LUSH sparkle bath bubbles and Smarties… for my little smarty pants πŸ™‚

DAY 3: Ariel spoon and fork, a Mickey mouse animal, a car, a color book and Starburst!

Day 4: Jungle book, new socks for Jonah, and Nerds for all the cousins

The gifts were a great surprise for the kids and Mimi reported that every night they went right to bed, excited for the new presents in the morning :).

A win all around!

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