Our Week in Snapshots


Sunday was filled with church, naps, and park time!

We fully enjoyed every bit of nice weather throughout this week. I don’t feel like sunshine and beautiful weather have every been such a favorite of mine until being a SAHM. It’s like I won a free vacation when I wake up to gorgeous weather. Being stuck inside with two babes on yucky days is for the birds. We headed to Utica for some stroller cruising’ and squirrel chasing. Aaaand there might have been a little shopping too. πŸ™‚ Emmy convinced me Tuck needed some matching sunnies so they could be twins πŸ˜‰ These two have my heart without a doubt.

After some shopping we headed to Hunter’s Park to meet Nor, Jonah, Aunt Jen, Mimi, and Pops for more playtime…

After naps we picked up Angie’s mini-van and the Juarez kids for a sleepover and all-day play date while Ang and Josh were in Cancun. The kids were so excited to see each other. Being the awesome Aunt and Uncle we are, we took all four kids out for ice cream and let them get verrrry messy. πŸ˜‰ On the way home Norah kept telling Emmy, “It’s okay Em. You can close your eyes and go to sleep. It’s okay to take a nap in the car.” And of course she wanted to hold Em’s hand the whole way!

Once we got home it was time for a big bath, lots of stories, cuddles, and bedtime. Tuck got bonked in the head just as this pic was taken… :/20140315-151516.jpg

We started Tuesday morning off with presents from mom and dad Juarez including, The Jungle Book movie. Emmy watched it while everyone else played, danced, ate breakfast, and slowly destroyed the house. πŸ˜‰

Aunt Jojo thought it would be a good idea to load up all four kiddos and head to the park. Super smart! ha! I was glad when Mine’ showed up a little later to help out! Thank you!! The kids had an absolute blast playing in the sunshine and having a little picnic. We were all wiped out by the time we got home!

After naps we did some more playing outside: sidewalk chalk, swinging, eating strawberries, and watching for airplanes. We took the kids for a short walk before the temperature started dropping and everyone started getting a little sleepy. πŸ˜‰ Soon, it was time to bring the cousins home and put them to bed before mommy and daddy got home. 4 kids is no joke and I was ready for a loooooong nap after our adventure! πŸ™‚ It really is the best thing to watch these kids together and see how much they adore one another. Love it!

After a trip to Old Navy and Target on Wednesday, we spent the rest of the day playing in the backyard, painting nails, and grilling up some burgers.

Thursday was another day spent mostly in the backyard. Emmy collected sticks, Tuck licked legos, and we had a chiro apt. Emmy loves going to see Dr. Carla. She’s got our routine down pat now. She always asks right away for the “bear chair” and her sticker as soon as we’re done.

Friday was another beautiful day that called for a trip to the zoo! Nor was in school but Jonah-man, Em, and Tuck had a blast exploring together. We rode the camels and the train. We roared with the lions, pet the goats, and stared at the seals, but we mostly just ate snacks and played at the park again. πŸ™‚

Friday night Matt had all the guys over for poker night so I got the boot. πŸ™‚ Mine’, Joanna and I got a little girls night in with some delicious pizza at Andolini’s and a movie back at our house later.

Saturday we took the kids on a bike ride to McNellies while the sun was out. We barely made it home before the rain started falling. The kids love riding together. I had to sneak this shot at a stoplight of Em resting her hand on Tuck’s head. She loves petting his hair and saying, “It’s okay buddy!” Tucker was a handful at the restaurant: grabbing for everything in sight. Even going so far as to sneak the pepper shaker into his mouth. Yikes! He is growing up so much and looking like he’ll be crawling before we know it- learning to be on all fours is his latest achievement. πŸ™‚


The beginning of our week was spent in Cancun. I couldn’t be more thankful that my kids got to have their own “stay-cation” at home with family! They are loved!

Wednesday was “recovery day” for all of us- lots of laundry, grocery shopping and lunch at Whole Foods, sleep and catch up cuddles. It feels so good to be together again :). The kids loved their whistles and candy from Mexico!

On Thursday, we played outside. The kids are getting more imaginative and creative in their play outside. Love watching them make believe!

I had a handsome Zoo date on Friday. We rode a camel for the first time. Jonah loved “Sassy” and being bounced around. The train is always a hit too!

Saturday was a party day! Two parties, three kids to celebrate. We started our morning at Reese’s 4th birthday Princess Celebration. I think princess-loving is a natural part of being a little girl. Reese is such a sweetheart- both Jonah and Norah had a blast! Reese’s Grandma made these INCREDIBLE princess costumes for the Aunt and Uncles to surprise everyone. Reese thought it was great… and so did Norah :).

Next we were on to Incredible Pizza for Rylan and Bekah’s birthday! Lots of excitement, more fun and more cake. What a fun Saturday!

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