The Best Cancun Vacay

My husband and I just got home from the most wonderful Cancun vacation. From take-off to landing it was amazing! As much of a party as Cancun can be, for us it was filled with rest, peace and lots of sunshine. 20140313-141703.jpg

We left on a 6am flight- my nerves had the best of me and I only slept a couple hours before waking up to my 4:30am alarm. I was thrilled at the thought of a real vacation with my love! We drank coffee on the airplane, slept and even listened to music. That in itself was amazing!

When we landed in Cancun, USA Transfers picked us up outside the airport. They had a private black Suburban ready for us and despite the Spring Break craziness at the airport, we were on our way in less than 10min. I would recommend this company for airport transfers for everyone (I think they do excursions and taxi type service too).  The drivers spoke great English, it was safe and for round trip it was only $55.

We stayed at the RIU Paradise Penninsula. Since we booked our trip close to our travel dates, we didn’t spend a lot of time researching options. We just booked an economical, available resort with a 4 star rating on Expedia. It turned out to be wonderful! We were so surprised. The resort is located off the strip with the beach surrounded by rocks,  it feels very private and oozes that Caribbean goodness.

I think our jaws literally hit the floor when we walked into the hotel and saw the gorgeous view of the pools and beach. We arrived by 2pm and check-in was “sometime after 3pm.” So, we decided to explore the hotel and hit the buffet for some guacamole and fruit (my Cancun favorites!) Our hotel still wasn’t ready at 3:30pm, but they did have a great changing area with showers. We left our bags with the conceirege and headed down to soak in the afternoon sun. I immediately fell asleep on the beach- vacation at its best. 🙂

We spent the next 3 days, soaking in the sun, doctoring our sunburns and playing in the ocean. The water was impeccable!

The Riu activity staff was so entertaining. With everything from Poker by the pool to volleyball and Olympic Games, they kept everyone laughing. I got pulled in to compete in an “Iron Woman Competition” where I had to dance in front of everyone (um, definitely not my forte), swim through the water, blow up a balloon and pop it, stack a tower and run around the pool. I was terrible! I couldn’t even blow the balloon up. It was embarrassing, but so fun- it is so much easier to do things when you know you’ll most likely never see these people again. 🙂

Josh played lots of beach soccer, where he was nicknamed “Messi” by the Mexicans. He won a “kick-up” competition (aka juggling) and had to do a strip tease in front of the pool crowd. HILARIOUS.

We ate lots of yummy food- mostly guacamole and fruit. Although, Josh was somewhat addicted to the authentic tortillas. If you visit the resort, the buffet is amazing, lots of options and fresh things constantly being made on the grill. It was super easy to stay gluten-free :).  We did try two of the restaurants, but weren’t totally impressed. Josh actually ended up back at the buffet for fresh fajitas after a not-so yummy steak one night.

The coffee is great too! They have an delicious Capuchino Bar where the Baristas can make everything from a Cortado to a Iced Mocho. Yum!

The shows at night were pretty fun. We saw at awesome circus show with intense acrobatics, karaoke, a beach party and a Las Vegas show. All of it was entertaining and even at the slow points, nothing can beat the cool ocean breeze on the patio.

Overall, just being alone with my love was more refreshing than anything. Happy 8th Anniversary, Josh. You’re fun and 8 is great :).  Though we were sad to go home, we missed our babies! HUGE thank you to Josh’s mom and Jodi for loving our kids, taking care of the them and reminding them that we would be home soon. This wouldn’t have been possible without their help!

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