Emersonisms (Part III)

Emerson’s at that age (2.2 yrs) where she will randomly just spout off sentences and sayings that shock us! I really, really love this stage and wish it could last forever. I love hearing her try to pronounce different words and string them together in her adorable “Emmy-way”. She is absolutely hilarious. A few of her latest and greatest moments that come to mind…20140310-095417.jpg

*While taking a drive to Home Depot with the kids, Matt and I were having a conversation in front. Emmy yells, “Stop talking mom! Stop talking dad!” Somebody wanted our attention Β πŸ™‚

*While Matt and I were talking one night I said something that ended with the words, “question mark”. Emerson promptly repeated me to the tee and we both cracked up laughing. So, now she thinks the saying, “question mark” is the most hilarious joke and expects rolling-on-the-floor laughter every time she says it.

*A couple weeks ago I was crying and Emmy said, “You crying Mommy?” I said, “Ya, Em, I’m sorry, Mommy’s crying”. Her response? “Huuu, Huuuuuu, Emmy’s crying too Mommy!” haha! Now she’ll ask me if I’m crying or if I’m happy. πŸ™‚

*Em has a book with a hamster on the last page. Everytime she gets to the end of the book she says, “Look at the ‘mister’ mommy!” Love it!

*Now when we park anywhere or sit in line at a drive-thru Emmy says, “Go, car! Go, car! Please go now!” When we pulled into the garage the other night she said, ” Thank you, car.” haha- Where does she come up with this stuff?

* While changing Tucker’s diaper on my bedroom floor, Emmy bursts through the door and says, “HOW’S IT GOIN GUYS!?!?” I cracked up and said, “It’s going good, Em. How’s it goin’ for you?” She smiles ear to ear and says, “Oh, It’s gooood!”

* We got her a new car big car seat this week and she’s turned the little instructional manual into her most prized possession. She walks around flipping through every page calling it “Emmy’s book”.

*We’re playing outside near our chiminea and Emmy says, “We need fire, Mommy! C’mon Β fire please!” I say, “I don’t know how to start a fire, Em. We’d need Daddy’s help.” She says, “Oh. Don’t worry!” πŸ™‚

Love that girl!

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