10 Uses for Coconut Oil: A #Momlife Essential

Coconut oil started as an experiment in our homemade popcorn and quickly became a Smith family staple. It’s a healthy and natural substitute for olive oil or lotions. Coconut oil is the “miracle mix” that can be used for about a billion different things. But, I’ll try to keep this list to ten..


  1. High-heat cooking, especially popcorn! We use coconut oil to cook everything! It adds amazing flavor and is so much healthier than olive or vegetable oil.
  2. Anti-stretch mark regimen. When I was pregnant with Emmy, I rubbed it all over my stomach religiously. It worked really well and just felt good on my tight and itchy baby bump.
  3. Nipple Cream- Coconut oil is a natural alternative to medicated nipple creams for nursing mothers. It helps keep cracked, sore nipples at bay, while speeding up the recovery process and is also perfectly healthy for baby to ingest.
  4. Diaper Ointment– I’ve been hearing about this one for a while now and still haven’t tested it out. I hear raving reviews though. Makes sense!
  5. Cradle Cap Remedy– Gently rub it in and brush through with a soft-bristled brush.
  6. Coffee Creamer– I prefer mine black but a dollop of coconut oil is way healthier than creamer!
  7. Moisturizer– It’s full of all kinds of stuff your skin craves like: vitamin E, natural sun protection, and anti-aging properties.
  8. Butter Replacement
  9. Increase Milk Supply– Wish I would have known about this one! Apparently a couple spoonfuls a day can help increase your supply!
  10. Eye-makeup remover– Love this idea!

You can find coconut oil in the baking aisle near all the other cooking oils at most grocery stores. I’d suggest ordering online if you want it organic or bulk.

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