“Hippy Hair” Fit for a Princess~

Even the most beautiful fashionista can’t beat a two year old with style. There’s just something about a big fur vest on a teeny little tike that makes people smile. Since Em’s hair is finally growing, (only in back of course) I’ve been trying to think of some new hairstyles. For now, her hair is pretty thin and has an amazing mullet cut. For some adorable “hippy hair” I made some feathered headbands and tucked the back into a messy princess roll. I’m loving this precious look…

The best place to buy headband-making supplies is fleuristsupplies.com. They have great spandex bands, flowers, puffs, and it’s all super cheap!  I used some old stretchy brown and black bands and hot glued feathers around half the band so that it would still be stretchy in the back.

Feathered hippy-girl in front…

Princess in the back…

The princess roll was way trickier on someone who has wispy hair and doesn’t stop moving. I just placed the headband over the hair, rolled her hair over the band, and tucked it in. It was a little messy but I think it actually adds to the cuteness. There you have it… “hippy hair” fit for a little princess!

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