Our Week in Snapshots


On Monday morning we met the Pepin clan for some fun at Utica Square…

Later that day I brought Tucker in for his 6 month check-up. This boy is growing up in the blink of an eye. I feel like he aged a ton this week. He’s learning to sit up on his own, grabbing at everything, and just so smiley and playful. Also, his blue eyes melt my heart. After the doctor’s we had our usual bachelor watch party. Although, Emmy was a little more entertaining than the show. She cracks us up!

Tuesday morning we met at the library for story-time. Tucker was stretching to see what was going on! Emmy has been my big helper this week and both kids have been such good sports with all the stuff I had going on for the big New Hope event on Friday night. We ran lots of errands, did lots of decorating, and took breaks to swing with Nay…

We ran to the mall in search of a dress for the Mardi Gras party on Wednesday morning. Em loves watching as we ride in the elevator and bopping to the music in every store. These kids have been loving each other this week. It’s the most precious thing to watch them crack each other up.

Thursday morning meant cuddle time, a little Nemo while mommy worked, and a trip to Angie’s for the day. Angie was super woman and watched my kids A LOT so I could run back and forth prepping the Jazz Hall for Friday night. THANK YOU! Em had so much fun with her cousins. Matt brought Tucker to the Jazz Hall that night to help with the set-up and he got lots of attention from all the girls. 🙂

Angie watched the kids all day Friday too and I spent the day putting the last touches on the big Mardi Gras fundraiser for New Hope. The event turned out to be such a big success. The party was such a blast with good friends, food, and entertainment. They had Orlando Juarez’s jazz band playing, live artist painting, raffle items, a balloon artist, a photo booth, comedians, and a live auction. I was so happy the night earned lots of money for this wonderful cause.

After so much time away from the kiddos I was very thankful for the family time we had on Saturday morning. We took the kids for a ride in the bike trailer. It was Tuck’s first ride and I hadn’t been on a bike since before I was pregnant with him. It was such a beautiful day and the best-spent in a long time! Em was having the time of her life in that trailer. Everytime Matt stood up to pedal she would squeal with delight, cracking up hysterically as they bobbed back and forth. When we stopped at a light she would yell, “MORE! go-go!” We stopped at Starbucks for some treats and our little diva cracked me up waiting for our drinks. She’s a born poser. On our way back home we stopped to eat burgers and sweet potato fries on the picnic tables at McNellies. It was perfect.

Later that night HJ and Matt spent the night playing poker with friends while Chelsea and I had a girls night in. Emmy got in on some nail-painting and girl talk before bed. When 2 am rolled around and the boys were still playing we decided a sleepover was in order. It’s always fun having breakfast together and letting the party go as long as possible. 🙂

Saturday night we went to the Yancy “Little Praise Party” concert at Victory with the kids. As soon as the music started, our kids were out in the middle of the aisle: jumping, spinning, and dancing away! They’ve definitely been raised to dance like no one’s watching and they did! 🙂 I was glad some others eventually joined in but I still think I was the only parent who was concerned about their child climbing onto the stage. I was so touched that Emmy cuddled on my lap with our eyes closed during the one slow song. Aw! It was a great night with friends and family. 🙂


On Monday, Mimi unexpectadly kept the kids for the afternoon. I ran errands, got the car washed and even some cleaning done. So great to get things done! That evening, we celebrated Baby Lincoln at a Couple’s Shower at church. Norah loved helping with the presents and picking out cookies with Mimi.

Tuesday, Josh and I celebrated 8 years of marriage- wow! Where does the time go?! I woke up to all these flowers all over the bathroom. They were so beautiful, I almost took a Kim Kardashian picture (haha!).20140224-233022.jpg

We spent the morning at the library for story time and then came home for some MUCH NEEDED naps. 🙂 🙂

When the kids woke up, we loaded them up and headed to Mimi’s for a sleepover while Josh and I went downtown to celebrate our anniversary. Downtown Tulsa has grown so much in the last couple years- we had a great time celebrating! Josh even found a way to play our wedding video.. what babies we were!

On Wednesday, we played and recouped from our adventures.

Thursday was spent working on finally finishing Norah’s dresser, playing with Emmy and going to dance class. Norah LOVES her big girl room!

On Friday morning, Norah and I shared pancakes before school. This girl loves having “girl-time” in the morning.

Later, Emmy and Tuck came to play. We ventured to the park after lunch and cuddled with Norah after school. Love these 4 goobers and the ease of life they get to enjoy together.

Friday evening was the Mardi Gras Party for New Hope Oklahoma. So fun and so beautiful! Jodi did an incredible job decorating and Lindsey poured her heart into the event. Lots of work, but an amazing fruition.

On Saturday, we headed to the zoo 9had to make the most of this AMAZING Oklahoma weather. We were so excited that Cooper and Heather got to join us too!The giraffes and peacocks were the favorites of the day.

That evening, we went to see Daddy play indoor soccer. The kids both had to wear their soccer jerseys and did a great job cheering, “Doh, Daddy, Doh!!!” (go Daddy go).20140224-233742.jpg

I spent the afternoon, on Sunday, with Zina at the Hard Rock Casino Wedding Show. Lots of fun!

That evening we danced our hearts out to to Yancy at Victory Kids. We LOVE her CD!

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