Clean Eating Pancakes

A friend posted her breakfast on Facebook the other day, I decided to copy it and fell in love immediately. I’m hooked. Where has this recipe been all my life?!20140222-164426.jpg

This recipe is Gluten/Diary/Refined Sugar FREE. It’ll cure your cravings and leave you wanting pancakes for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.


Ingredients (for 1 serving):

1/2 of a large Banana

1 Egg

1Tbsp Almond Butter


Vanilla Extract



Pumpkin Puree



Throw all ingredients into a blender (I just use our Magic Bullet.) Blend til smooth “pancake mix” texture. Heat griddle with small amount of butter or cooking oil. Pour batter onto griddle in round heaps, just as you would regular pancake mix. Watch for bubbles throughout, then flip and cook through. Top with fruit, nuts, real maple syrup, honey, etc.



Enjoy these hearty, delicious Clean Eating Pancakes!

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