Our Week in Snapshots


The first couple days of the week were spent soaking up being reunited with my family after the cruise. I missed my babies so much and it felt so good to hold them in my arms again! I took the kids to the aquarium now that Angie and I share a membership. It was really fun to just run around to our favorites and explore together.

We met Angie and the cousins at the library on Tuesday morning for story time. It was Emmy’s first time and she loved it! The kids had fun playing blocks, browsing books, and trying out the water fountain afterwards…

We spent Wednesday hanging with “Nay”! Nay is amazing… she washed my sheets, organized my closet, and even rocked teething Tucker. I’m so blessed to have such a true friend!Β Later that night we met the Juarez fam at Chick Fil A for some family fun…

The next morning the kids came over while Angie got her hair done. Of course Emmy found the car seats by the door and started buckling herself in. Her buckle fetish is still around folks! Sweet Norah always wants to hold baby Tucker. She says, “Oh I think he’s a wiggle worm because he likes me- hehe” πŸ™‚ She also protected the “little ones” from the frighteningly loud vacuum cleaner. πŸ˜‰ What a good big cuz!

We loved being outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather! Tucker-man even took his first swing ride. He loved it! But, the sun in his eyes was a little much so he just had to wear some super cool shades.

Thursday night we went downtown for a charity event benefitting Street School. It’s always nice to get a little dressed up and enjoy some couple time, especially when it’s such a great cause. Not to mention, they had a mashed potato martini bar (which I’m obviously a fan of)!

Valentines day was lovely. YAY! We did it… we finally had a good Valentines Day! Click here if you want to read about our past valentines adventures/nightmares. πŸ™‚ This time I woke up to the sweetest card and a beautiful orchid from my love. The kids and I ran to Target and waiting in a LONG line at Chick Fil A (and entertained ourselves by taking lots of selfless :)) Gram came by in the afternoon with Valentines for the kids and we played with them on the front step. After naptime Emmy woke up to a big basket of valentines goodies from mommy and daddy. Holidays are the best with kids.

We’re big fans of homemade cards so this time I made Matt an instagram-inspired love note. We were thankful Zina came over to babysit the kids while we went out on a date. I even tried out a “new do” (the princess roll) for our special little evening out. After deciding on no presents and just fun, I was surprised to get a little Blue Nile box with a beautiful necklace inside. I’d been wanting a necklace with special meaning about the kids and something very delicate that could be worn all the time. He had their initials engraved and it’s just perfect. After sushi and a surprise, we stuffed our faces with Juniper’s delicious bread pudding. YUM!

We spent sunny Saturday working on house stuff including a trip to Lowes and picking up the yard. Emmy was my big helper and Tuck mostly lounged.

Later that night we went to COTM with the Juarez fam and checked out Lincoln’s open house afterwards. They loved pretending in the preschool rooms and it was so great seeing old co-workers and students.

Sunday was spent playing at Gram and Pa’s house. The kids loved playing outside and night time hot-tubbing! They are the sweetest little friends!


Sunday afternoon we finally celebrate Baby Boy Rivers #3. After getting snowed in last week, we were so excited to get to celebrate before he arrived. Beautiful Vivi was such a trooper too, pausing conversations and breathing through contractions the whole time.

That evening, Josh and Norah dressed up for the Father/Daughter “Ball” (as Norah was calling it.) What a precious night of fun and dancing for those two!

On Monday, these two were little buddies. They have loved reading together lately! Jonah just cracks up when Norah makes up funny words and plots. That night at Mimi’s, Jen made “kid chopsticks” for the kids and they both loved it! Mimi braided Norah’s hair like a princess. πŸ™‚

We headed to the library on Tuesday morning for a last-minute adventure. The kids all loved reading and dancing… and playing. Later, we moved on to Target for more fun!

On Wednesday morning, Gram came to play with the kids for a bit. They cuddled in for stories while Gram revived her inner Kindergarten teacher.20140215-151901.jpg

My high school friend, Jess, was in town for the week with her son. We met her at the Oklahoma Aquarium a play-date. The kids loved the sharks- it’s almost creepy how close they are through the glass.

Thursday I finally got my hair done- WAY over-due! Norah had dance class and after dinner we dove into paint and sparkle glue art projects. Jonah loved squeezing the glue, shaking as he used all his strength to squeeze every drop out. Josh and I were rolling with laughter, too funny!

Later that evening, Norah and I put together her Valentines for school. She loved the project and kept saying, “I love this, Momma… this is so fun to work hard!” πŸ™‚

Valentine’s Day morning, Norah was so excited to wake up to Valentine’s presents and balloons in the door frame. Such a fun day to be a kid! Her school day ended with a class party, complete with cupcakes, friends, teacher gifts and a carousel ride. Dream come true for this princess!

That evening, we brought the kids to my Mom’s for a sleepover. Josh and I had a WONDERFUL evening of relaxed alone time. Keo (my favorite) for dinner and a movie at the re-done AMC. Let me just say the recliner chairs are incredible!

I love this handsome Valentine of mine, you’re my best friend and I love time with you!20140215-152207.jpg

On Saturday, we met the Smith fam for church at COTM. Their children’s facilities (and everything else) are just outrageous! It felt like Disneyland… Norah LOVED dancing and singing! After church, we went to the Open House for their school. So glad Norah is still only 3, really not ready for all that this next year holds! πŸ™‚

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