Our Week in Snapshots


Last week Sunday, we woke up to a Winter Wonderland! It was gorgeous outside… cold, but gorgeous. We decided to skip church and go play in the snow. Norah loved throwing snow and giggled in excitement. We tried to build a snowman, but the snow was just too fine. Our 8inch snowman’s life quickly ended with a field goal kick from Norah :).

After we were covered in snow, we came in to share some hot chocolate with Jonah. The marshmallows were a huge hit. Little man tried his best to get JUST marshmallows in every “sip”.

That evening, friends came over to watch the Superbowl. We are definitely not a “football family,” but it was great to spend the evening with friends and family. The kids loved the half-time show and running up and down the stairs to the playroom.

On Monday, the weather was warmer and we went back outside to play, sled and explore. We used the top of a plastic storage container as a sled- the kids LOVED it! Jonah loved eating snow too!

That evening, we went for dinner at Josh’s parents house. Aunt Jen started introducing the kids to Disney World and all of it’s magic. πŸ™‚ They were both in awe. When Aunt Tori’s friends came over, Norah joined in the big kid conversation and Jonah enlisted Katie’s help in obtaining another snack. πŸ™‚

Tuesday and Wednesday were VERY COLD. We spent our days mostly at home- playing with play-doh, pretending to be super heroes, rocking our babies to sleep, and wishing for the cold to dissipate.

On Wednesday, I heard Jonah upstairs yelling, “HEP, HEP!!! DOWN!!!” I run upstairs to find him washing his hands, but stuck with his belly in the sink. Funny boy!20140208-232836.jpg

Thursday morning, the kids wanted to model at breakfast. Norah struck her best pose, while Jonah pulled up his shirt to show his tummy. #typical

We decided to get out of the house and visit Southern Agriculture for some dog food and a Daddy date. Jonah loved the “yats!” (Rats)… Ew! Norah was just disappointed they didn’t have a “Flounder” fish.20140209-213819.jpg

After fish and rodents, we grabbed lunch at Qdoba and spent some time at Barnes and Noble reading new books. These kids have the world’s best (and most handsome) Daddy!

On Friday, Jonah and I had a date day while Nor went to school. It was great to spend time alone at the aquarium, touching the starfish and picking out our favorite fish. Time alone is so sweet!

After naps, we went to see Aunt Tori off to her winter banquet. She looked beautiful- Jonah even gave her a kiss!

That evening, Jonah and Mommy had some more alone time- playing with puzzles, trucks and trains. Love this little man!

Saturday morning we started some Valentines crafts- making melted crayon hearts for Norah’s Valentines Party. The wrappers on crayons are so much more sturdy than they were when we were kids!

We ended the week of fun with Heather, Cooper and Kenzie- making another Valentine’s craft. Heather made Pink Lemonade Play-doh with the kids… she was so patient and calm with the mess, such a Mommy Superhero! Very thankful for special friends!


Sunday morning we rushed around to get ready for church, got all the kids in the car, and it started snowing like CRAZY! We decided a trip all the way to COTM would be too risky and instead headed for Sam’s for some emergency groceries. The roads got horrible sooo fast and we barely made it home- one of the cons of being surrounded by hills. Emmy definitely prefers watching the snow from inside the house…

We finally convinced her to go play in the snow with us. Daddy tried desperately to show her the how much fun it could be. But, she wasn’t convinced and just kept asking to go back inside. haha

So we bought Tangled on iTunes and Em was mesmerized. We had a very cuddly day by the fire as a fam. (I’ve now watched parts of Tangled 10 plus times) πŸ™‚

Later, we bundled up and headed to the Juarez house for Super Bowl night.

On Wednesday morning I soaked up some last cuddles with the kids and we ran some last minute errands to Target and the grocery store. Emmy would NOT take off her sunnies in Target and looked like such a diva drinking her Starbucks water. It was a FREEZING day and the perfect time to head out for a tropical VACA!!!

I spent the rest of the week/weekend with girlfriends on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was absolutely wonderful… post coming soon.

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