Emmy and Jonah’s Camping Party!

IMG_6379Last week we hosted Jonah and Emmy’s joint 2 year old party. It was a camping theme and turned out to be the most beautiful day. We loved celebrating with family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came and loved on our littles. We had so much fun decorating and putting the whole thing together- together. Just some of the perks of these cousins being only 12 days apart. Joint parties for life! πŸ˜‰ We only took a few photos of the party…IMG_6393I absolutely love a good craft… so the making of banners, signs, and creative touches began weeks ahead of time. If decorating for themed children’s parties or bedrooms was a feasible career choice, I’d take it. We got so many fabulous tips from Pinterest- of course! We shared a pin board of all our favorite ideas and put our own spin on several of them. We spent our Friday turning our house into the Smith urban camping lodge. First things first, a homemade indoor tent trimmed with a pine tree and personalized bunting…
I made a cheesy little fire with the center of a wrapping paper roll, red/orange tissue paper and a little hot glue. I covered the rope with strips of plaid and burlap fabric and Angie brought lots of balloons in our red and brown camping colors. πŸ™‚Β IMG_6330IMG_6349IMG_6326We made “pretzel trees” and “dirt cups” and displayed on them on Tucker’s little antique dresser. I covered the mason jars with burlap and some picnic ribbon to tie in our camping theme anywhere we could.Β IMG_6385

We made a “Build Your Own Trail Mix Bar” with all kinds of snacks that kids could load in their big red buckets. Both Emmy and Jonah are huge “NACK-lovers” so this was perfect for them! πŸ™‚IMG_6380We even tried to stick to the camping theme with woodsy treats like: goldfish, teddy grahams, gummy worms, and swedish fish…
20140204-083147.jpgWe served up traditional campfire food from the grill. I made some picture banners using all my favorite instagram shots of this hilarious duo. It was so fun to look back at their chubby baby photos. They’ve been buddies from the start.IMG_6353IMG_6355Even after deciding we weren’t going to make a photo booth this time, one magically appeared. AKA-Angie and I struggled to make a tent-like back drop for our s’more bar, stepped back and realized, “hey- that looks like a photo booth!” πŸ™‚Β IMG_6356

My absolute favorite part of the whole set-up was the “S’more Bar”. Josh and Mr. Cap built us our very own s’more box, filled it with rocks, and sternos for roasting.Β We filled in the chalkboard backdrop with funny Emmy/Jonah stats and favorites…IMG_6365IMG_636620140204-083237.jpgThey could hardly wait for friends to show up for the party…

Thanks to everyone who made this such a special day…

For the first time in a while the weather was beautiful. Everyone just wanted to enjoy being outside. So, the kids attempted climbing our hill and rolling down.

After playing in the sunshine, the kids opened presents. Emmy’s favorite was definitely her beloved guitar from Uncle H.J. and Auntie Chelsea. Jonah loved his train plate, airplanes and “boy stuff.” The Β kids were so blessed with all kinds of things… wow!

S’more time!!!


Mmm mm… good! What’s a kids party without loads of sugar?!

Happy Birthday to our little 2 year old love bugs. You are so precious to us!

Thanks for all the photos Mom and Zina!

2 thoughts on “Emmy and Jonah’s Camping Party!

  1. jessica trujillo says:

    You seriously need to start a party planning business! That is amazing! For the banners… what type of materials did you use?


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