Our Week in Snapshots


My sweet, sweet boy with his heart-melting blue eyesโ€ฆ Thankful for the moments I get to bond with my guy all on our own (even if it comes in the form of a doctor’s apt).

My little shopper helped me conquer Whole Foods with only a few small collisions. Even the grocery store is great entertainment in this cold weather. This week we discovered play dough for the first time. She got the most adorable ice cream truck kit at her birthday party. After a couple tastes she figured it all out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Life with kids is so fun.

Tucker has started holding his own bottle- big boy! He is just coming to life lately and it is so fun to watch. He is such a sweetheart and I’m falling even more in love with our little man everyday. I decided to actually organize all our craft supplies using leftover birthday buckets. I felt so accomplished but of course the dining room took a beating while Emerson was left to entertain herself. Oh boy. At least it was the mirrored wall!?

We spent Wednesday at the mall playing with Sofia and her Aunty Mine’! These girls are becoming fast friends. They love dancing, sharing goldfish, and giggling away. They even got to ride the “horsies”. Precious!

Later that night Gram and Pa came over with their birthday gifts for Emmy-girl. She was in love with her new Hello Kitty tent but the real winner? Her little people bus! She desperately wanted to sleep with it that night. When I turned her monitor on in the morning to see if she was awake yet I hear, “Bus please, Mommy! Emmy wants bus!” She LOVES taking the kids to the store and singing to “Wheels on the Bus” as they ride along.

The next morning Gram came to pick Emmy up for a play day/ sleepover at their house. I got to enjoy some special time with Tuck and catch up on lots of housework. Matt even took Tucker along to his doctor’s apt. so I got to run to the mall by myself. Wow! You can really make that a quick trip without a double stroller. I’m used to knocking over at least 3 displays and leaving a trail of goldfish behind me on most mall outings. ๐Ÿ˜‰ After Emmy’s nap my mom dressed her all up and brought her to Norah’s dance class. I could not believe her little ballerina bun! ah! Since we had a quiet night without Emerson we took Tuck on a little date to Keo. YUM! I highly recommend the gluten free green curry (Angie’s genius suggestion).

Friday was daddy’s birthday party day so I spent the morning running some last minute errands with Tuck before picking up my little diva from Gram’s. Gram gave her an old cell phone to pretend with. She chatted away with Norah and daddy the whoooole way home and felt soooo cool with her very own phone. After nap time, she could not believe the “BOONS” hanging in the kitchen and was so excited I saved a special one just for her. She carried it all over and all through dinner saying, “Emmy’s boon! That’s Emmy’s boon!” ๐Ÿ™‚

We started Matt’s party with a visit to Sky Zone. It was SO much fun! I highly recommend a night with friends there! The best part was playing trampoline dodgeball. We were all sweating like crazy and totally sore the next day. I definitely didn’t realize what a work out it would be!! Oh, and thanks for the mullet wig, Ryan! It looked a little too real, a little embarrassing…

Afterwards we spent the night playing hilarious games and eating sinful food at our house. It was a great night with friends ringing in Matt’s thirties. We even got to eat snow cones in January. Winning! Love that birthday boy so much!

On this cold and dreary Saturday morning we decided to attempt a trip to the movie theatre with the littles. So, we took our first family movies trip to see Frozen. We brought blankets and snacks and wore our sweats. It was wonderful. Em was completely mesmerized and chowed down on lots of popcorn. There was only one part where something bad happened then the screen went dark and quiet and Em said, “UT-OH!!!” Thankfully, people just laughed and we did too. Success! Afterwards we stopped by Target and Em tried out some bigger car seats. Sure wish they’d just stop growing up already…


We started the week celebrating the life of Mimi’s sweet dog, Duchess. Duchess lived 17 beautiful years and seemed more like a cat with 9 lives after all the accidents she had survived. However, in recent weeks, she had significantly declined and it was time to say good-bye. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ She was a cute dog and Norah just loved playing with her little friend. xoxo

Norah had a rough spell with naps this week, fighting them with all her energy. Daddy finally settled for healthy snacks and cuddles in bed… which turned into a spa education session.

We spent some time playing with play-doh (and of course Jonah wanted to see what he could fit up his nose.)

At the dance store, Norah was in absolute heaven. She loved every “spinning skirt” and tapping away in glee, while wearing her “princess shoes.” I have never heard so many, “Mommy, can I get this??” ‘s

Later that evening, Gram and Pa came over with presents for Jonah. The kids both loved Jonah’s new tent and trucks. Lots of dancing and giggles.

On Thursday morning, we celebrated Jonah’s 2nd birthday as a fam. Waffles with a candle and birthday singing for breakfast. He was so excited that he blew his candle out all by himself. “Nah-nah’s birt-day!!!” 20140201-224255.jpg

We spent the afternoon at the Oklahoma Aquarium. The kids loved seeing the otters and beavers get fed, feeding the stingrays and touching the starfish. A fun little birthday celebration.

That evening, Gram and Emmy came to see Norah in dance class. Emmy loved jumping away and yelling through the glass, “Nowah!!”

After dance, Norah and I went to get “green juice” at Whole Foods and spent some time admiring all the flowers. We came home to eat dinner with the birthday boy and open some presents that Aunt JoJo dropped off. The 2nd birthday celebration ended with Thomas the Train and lots of cuddles.

On Friday, while sister was in school, Jonah and I spent the morning playing, “shopping”, and taking “cheeses” (pictures) of Minnie Mouse. Having time alone with my littlest love is precious. Thought we do miss this silly goose!

Friday night was Matt’s 30th Birthday celebration. So fun to feel like a kid again!

Our Saturday was spent cleaning, playing and running errands. We are soooo itching for spring and the opportunity to just go outside.

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