Houston Wedding Weekend

Last weekend, Josh’s cousin got married in Houston. We had been looking forward to the weekend getaway for months! I went so far as to not let the kids go anywhere “public” for a whole week before we left- after our Las Vegas trip last year, we weren’t going to chance another cancelled vacay. πŸ™‚

We headed to the airport super early on Friday morning- blowing kisses to these sleeping babes and leaving Gram with a laundry list of schedules, vitamins and school instructions. πŸ™‚

The night before we left, I reminded Norah that when she woke up in the morning, Gram would be there to take her to school and she would stay at Gram’s for “two dark nights.” She was SO excited. She threw her arm around her brother and said, “Isn’t that awesome, Jonah? Mommy gets a break and she really needs that sometimes! And… I am SOOO tired of her and Daddy telling me what to do!” hahahaha

After loading on the plane in Tulsa, we headed out to the runway only to find that the engine was leaking fluid. They had to return to the gate, work on the engine and yadayada…. basically, no information on when we would actually leave. No worries for us though, when you travel without kids you can do SO many things ( coffee, magazines, sleep, electronics). Crazy that even just sitting on a parked plane felt relaxing!

After 2hrs, we were finally on our way to H-town. Once there, we headed downtown to the Crown Plaza, checked our bags and headed out to explore until check-in time. The front desk handed us a beautiful bag full of “Wedding Goodies and Essentials” (safety pins, band-aids, Mexican cookies, Cajun chips, granola bars, etc.) It was so sweet (literally) and so personal!

We grabbed lunch at the District 7 Grill– this place was delicious! Fresh, yummy and lots of healthy choices.Then we walked into downtown to find the JP Morgan Chase Tower. Wow!

Per the suggestions of a good friend, we had a list of delicious coffee places to check out. We rented bikes from the Houston B-Cycle and rode to Double Trouble. Definitely a hipster place- lots of college students, bloggers and bike-riders. The coffee was SO yummy. I had a “Flat White”- world’s better than my usually loved Starbucks. πŸ™‚

Our next stop was High Fashion Home. I had never heard of this place, but fell in love instantly. We were ready to rent a Uhaul and drive home with a truck of beautiful new treasures, when we realized we still have two “precious destroyers” that live in our cozy home. Dreaming will have to be our fulfillment for now! πŸ™‚

After all the excitement, we headed back to the hotel and met Josh’s little sister, Tori, for a night of fun with Impractical Jokers. We bought last minute tickets to see their live show, while the rest of the family headed to the rehearsal dinner.Β  We typically laugh til our faces hurt during their True TV show, but were sad to say that they were not nearly as funny live. It was fun nonetheless, and the pre-show sushi at The Blue Fish Bayou WAS something to rave about.

When we got back to the hotel, we had no idea our own night adventure was about to begin. Poor Josh was exhausted after barely sleeping the night before. Our key panel on our door completely died. They had to call the Lost Prevention guy and then the repair guy. An hour later, they realized they were going to have to “break-in” to our room (like with a bent hanger.) They sent us down to the bar for some free food while they worked. Josh and I picked at a Cobb Salad for 30min before heading upstairs to see the repair guy drenched in sweat and frustration. Finally, sometime after midnight, they found us laying on the lobby couches and told us they got in. We were able to go upstairs while they changed out the entire key box. Hello and Goodnight, 1am.20140127-160201.jpg

The next morning, we slept in as much as much as possible and woke up to find free breakfast coupons from the hotel. After a buffet breakfast, we decided to head back out on our bikes and explore the city. We peddled around Discovery Green and checked out the Shops at Houston Center (basically a Dress Barn and a food court), before heading back to prep for the wedding of the year. πŸ™‚

The wedding was amazing, outrageous… absolutely breathtaking! The ceremony was a full mass Catholic wedding in the Heights. How can you not love the lighting and acoustics in a traditional Catholic sanctuary? The bride looked beautiful, and theΒ  excitement on the groom’s face put a smile on yours.

After the ceremony, we had a break before the Cocktail Hour. So, we headed to Catalina Coffee to try another Houston coffee favorite. We were quite the sight, walking into a hipster hangout in our formal apparel. Yet, once again, the coffee was delicious and the looks, in itself, were worth the adventure!

The reception was held at the Petroleum Club of Houston. With floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Houston Skyline, the whole room feltΒ  sensational. Not a detail went without embellishment- everything from the chairs to the lighting was just perfect! Even the food was perfect- the mushroom soup… the late night Mexican Coffee and Beignets…yum!

They had the great idea to hand out glow sticks, boas, and over-sized glasses during the dancing. Everyone loved it. And, oh my goodness, can the Mexican family dance! Even the grandparents were out on the floor past midnight, feeling the rhythm and shaking their hips. Too fun!

After a late-night and LOTS of dancing, we crashed into bed. The next morning, we walked over to the mother-of-the-bride’s suite at The Magnolia Hotel for a delicious family breakfast. We even “ran” in the Chevron Marathon (about 20ft)- just had to earn our breakfast.Β  Homemade Menudo, breakfast tacos from the valley, Mexican sweet bread… Josh was basically in heaven. πŸ™‚ We spent the morning, eating and relaxing with family.

We finally headed back to our hotel, packed up and decided to venture over to the Galleria for a couple hours. If it hadn’t just been Christmas, I may have been able to spend 5 days in there.Β  SO.MANY.STORES. After (just a little) shopping, we went back to see family and eat some more Mexican yumminess. Home-made Barbacoa and Tamales. Once again, Josh ate until nothing else could be consumed. πŸ™‚

As the sun set, we hugged the Bride and Groom and the rest of the Juarez family good-bye. Such a great weekend adventure!20140128-101051.jpg

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