*When riding in the car, Tucker starts crying. Emmy immediately starts yelling, “Be happy, Tucker! Stop! Be happy brother!”20140129-161733.jpg

*Sometimes when Emmy falls apart and can’t seem to calm down we put her in her crib to rest and pull it together. Today I brought Tucker in her room and layed him on the floor as she was pretending to put her babies to bed. She turns off the light, closes the door saying, “Ni-night Tucker. Sweet Dreams Tucker. Take a deep breath Tucker.” πŸ™‚20140129-161725.jpg

*Lately, life is all about “the moon”. She looks for it out the car window everyday and finds it on the pages of all her story books. Only every time the sun is depicted as a yellow circle she says, “see moon mommy?”. I say, “No, that’s the sunshine, Emer”. Her response? “No, that’s the moon, mommy”. We go back and forth with this ten times but she always wins. “Okay Em. Yes, I see the moon.”20140129-161911.jpg

*Her latest prized possession is her new guitar from Uncle HJ and Aunt Chelsea. She cries if she can’t take it in the bath. She whines if we put it away for nap time. She asks for it first thing in the morning. But, guitar is a really hard word to say. So, she calls it Target (her other favorite). πŸ™‚20140129-161718.jpg

*She’s really into saying thank you nowadays. She says it for everything. You hand her a snack, you pay her a compliment, you do somethings she asks, and it’s “thank you, mommy!” over and over until she gets a “your welcome”. This morning when I squirted some lotion in her hand I got a, “thank you SO MUCH mommy!” At least she’s thankful πŸ˜‰20140129-161037.jpg

I love this silly girl but I cannot believe how much she’s talking now. It’s so fun but a little scary too. No more growing up, PLEASE!?

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