Our Week in Snapshots


Sunday was a beautiful sunshiny day that called for a visit to the park. We met Gram, Pa, and the cousins at Lafortune. Emmy was still in love with her birthday crown and decided it was a must-have park accessory. The kids enjoyed running the trails holding hands, feeding the ducks an entire loaf of bread, and riding slides galore.

Emmy took her new vacuum for a spin. She’s still a little leery of the loud suction noise but is coming around. Now instead of running away in terror when I pulled out the real vacuum, she grabbed hers and we tag teamed the job. 🙂 Sunday night we enjoyed a family fire out back. Matt and I are still eating ridiculously healthy so we helped Em roast a marshmallow and drooled over her s’more experience. She’s got the life!

Monday morning Em picked out a really cool outfit for lounging around the house in. We got a new driver in the Smith fam. I worked on lots of birthday crafts and we did some birthday shopping for daddy at Lowes. Later, we had the girls over for bachelor night. Em joined in for some popcorn and cuddles with Miss Gabby before Daddy and Uncle HJ took over on kid duty. I love our Monday night talks and Bachelor commentary. It’s good to have relaxation time.

Every morning before Em wakes up Tucker comes to bed to cuddle with mommy. I treasure these sweet moments with my little guy. He usually takes his first nap in my bed and looks like a little angel floating on a cloud. Dreamy. On Tuesday Gram and Pa picked up Em for a trip to Whole Foods while I went to the chiro with Tucker. She loves pushing their Emmy-sized shopping carts and being a little mommy. I got this picture of her and my mom and can’t believe how much they look alike here. 🙂

On Wednesday morning we headed over to the Sahinalp house for a playdate with little Miss Sofia. Her and Em loved pushing their baby dolls to Target and eating goldfish together. Precious little friends…

When we got home, this cuteness happened…

On Thursday I started setting up for Jonah and Emmy’s big birthday. Tuck loved sitting in Em’s little chair while I decorated. Later that night Uncle H.J. came over to babysit the kids so Matt and I could go on a birthday date. Can’t believe my guy is 30 years old! It was so great, as usual, to get some alone time to focus on each other.

Friday was full-on birthday prep day. Angie and my mom came over and helped clean and decorate for most the day. Thanks for all the help mom! Everything came together and the husbands only thought we went mildly overboard with everything. 🙂 Tuck and Em had to try out the set-up before bed…

Party day turned out to be a gorgeous day and a big success with lots of family and friends. It was stimulation overload for the kids with sugar and junk food everywhere. Everyone, including us, were zonked by nap time. Big birthday post coming soon…

After naps we headed to the park to enjoy a little more of the pretty weather. Uncle Josh and Aunt Angie came over with the kids later that night and babysat while we went to celebrate Cody’s birthday with friends. Thanks guys!! We woke up to all four kiddos early this morning. Uncle Matt was the best babysitter/Uncle and got everyone breakfast, cartoons, and cuddles. When Angie and Josh came to pick the kids up we ended up spending the entire day playing in the backyard. The kids found a pot full of dirt which equaled at least an hour of entertainment and an hour of uninterrupted adult conversation (RARE!) They had a ball and got very, very messy. After a big shower everyone took naps and the adults had sushi and more hang time. We ended the night with the big bachelor wedding. What a perfect day.


Sunday evening, Josh and I got home late from a wonderful weekend in Houston. We walked through the door to find two sleeping babies and a PERFECTLY clean house- seriously, it looked like it could be put on the market the next day. My house has never been so clean :).  Our sweet friends, Dustin and Mandy Martin, had stayed at our house with our dog while we were in Houston. Mandy is a wonderful friend and seriously blessed me by cleaning and leaving these beautiful flowers. My heart overflowed with thankfulness!20140126-091639.jpg

On Monday morning, I couldn’t wait to hug my babies! We celebrated the morning with raisin toast with sprinkles- Norah’s creation.

The rest of the day was spent playing, telling stories about our weekend and riding bikes to the park. Jonah asked where Pa was and said, “Peeeze, Pa (come) home??” I think he enjoyed his weekend of fun at Gram and Pa’s!

Tuesday we caught up on grocery shopping, did some cooking for the week and played with lots of puzzles. Jonah has a new favorite thing to do- he loves puzzles!

On Wednesday, Norah said she “really missed Mimi”, so Mimi came to pick Norah up for church… then Jonah decided he wanted to go too! 🙂

Thursday was a go-go day! We ran lots of errands- the mall, the car wash, Target, the post office. Getting in and out of the car with two is busy! After nap-time, Norah and I headed to her first dance class! She was so excited, loved her outfit and SQUEALED when she put on her first tap shoes. Precious girl!

For dinner, the kids and I made home-made cauliflower pizzas. Yum! They loved pushing the buttons on the food processor, squeezing the water out of the cauliflower and sprinkling cheese EVERYWHERE. Even our dog looked like she had played in the snow by the time we were done (I was too stressed to take a picture of this. :)) The pizzas were delicious and the kids gobbled up their creations.

Friday was spent prepping for our EPIC 2 year-old party for Jonah and Emmy. I was so thankful that Josh conquered Dad-duty. He and Jonah adventured all around Tulsa- Lowe’s, Nourish, Antoinette Baking Co. and more. With all this adventure, Jonah may catch the entrepreneur bug early :).

That evening, Josh hung some more curtains with Jonah’s help :).20140126-181536.jpg

Saturday was PARTY DAY! It is so sweet that these cousins have grown up so closely together. They love each other like siblings and have the greatest friends and family to celebrate with!

On Saturday evening, Norah and I headed to another birthday-celebrating her friend from preschool. Norah LOVED seeing her friends outside of the classroom AND getting to swim in the middle of January. She has absolutely precious friends- happy 4th birthday!

Today has been a BEAUTIFUL day. We intended on picking up the kids after a late-sleepover and heading home… but we just couldn’t pass up the gorgeous weather and fun to be had in the backyard. The kids found a huge pot of dirt and LOVED it- oh man, since there was even dirt coming out of the eyes, showers were needed! After naps, we cuddled and played some more. The night ended with the Bachelor Wedding and the “money-managing-husbands” really investigating some of Josh’s accounting homework. A fun weekend with the fam!

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