Our Week in Snapshots


Sunday we went to church and then came home to spend the day “playing” with friends. The boys made chicken wings with many different sauces- even Jodi approved of the yumminess! The kids were having a great day too!

Monday morning we threw “Diego” the stingray into a bath to watch him grow. Three days later he was changed in many ways :).

Play-doh took over our Tuesday. We spent the morning making our own “red-sprinkle play-doh” and then when Daddy got home from jury duty, we spent the evening making fake pizzas and glow-stick drinks.

On Wednesday, we took the day slow… lots of games, relaxing and playing!

Thursday was “Girls-Night!” So very thankful for wonderful friends.20140112-221732.jpg

On Friday, Norah moved to the older class at school. She was SO excited to see her friends after the Christmas break. While sister was at school, Josh and I drove out to Owasso to pick-up this beautiful dresser for Norah’s new room. Can’t wait to see it re-done!Β  Jonah loved some time to play on his “bike!”

After naps, we played at Aunt JoJo and Uncle Matt’s. The kids tried to watch Nemo for a bit… at least Emmy loved it!

Saturday was a cuddle-day πŸ™‚


Last week Sunday was spent at Angie’s place playing games and cooking wings with the Geiers. Later that night we put Tuck to bed and the “big kids” cuddled in for some Nemo! This is Em saying her bedtime prayers, sweetest thing.

On Monday night HJ and Chelsea moved in for the week. They were having their kitchen repainted and so we had a week of slumber parties. Em loved having them here and a constant party all week. She even got everyone to join in a jingle bells dance session. πŸ™‚

I let Emmy pick out her own outfit. Then, she showed me some super cool poses. A girl after my own heart for sure…

We hit the mall with Mine’ and these sweet loves had lots of story time…

Emmy has always been the most reliable sleeper ever. This week she went one day with no nap at all and another she fell asleep mid-book in mommy’s bed an hour before nap-time. What?!

This guy is such a giggle box lately. I’m loving his precious personality coming to be…

We attempted a game night with all the kids on Friday night. But of course all the toys in the world weren’t as interesting as the game boards, buzzers, and parents. ha! We even tried a little Nemo and popcorn but only Em was entertained by that. πŸ˜‰ Matt and HJ kindly posed for me in their twinning outfits after a bit of begging…

Saturday morning we went to breakfast for one last fun thing with HJ and Chelsea. Breakfast at Wild Fork is my fav! So delicious! Em loves her Unc and Auntie!Β 20140111-125717.jpgWhen we got home, daddy had to finish up some work so we cuddled and played until nap time. Have I mentioned that I love this girl!?

and don’t forget this boy (or boi?) πŸ™‚ Oh, and do you like his new “chair” while I get ready in the bathroom?

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