Cucumber “Sandwich” Boats

20140108-150907.jpgYummy, easy, healthy lunch idea! It’s so easy, that it isn’t even fair to call it a recipe πŸ™‚


Organic Cucumber

Nitrate-free lunch meat

Cheese (skip this if you’re hardcore Paleo)

Pre-cooked nitrate-free Bacon



Optional: Sliced organic tomatoes, sprouts, avocado, olives



1. Wash veggies

2. Slice cucumber length wise and hollow out membranes with a spoon

3. Sprinkle cucumbers with Salt and Pepper20140108-150915.jpg

4. Load in meat, cheese, veggies

5. Reheat pre-cooked Bacon and top the “boat” (we bake a couple packages of bacon every week and keep it in the fridge)

6. Enjoy!

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