Our Week in Snapshots


Sunday we made it to church.. woohoo! Gabe and Jennifer came over for lunch with the Juarez clan too. Gram and Pa came to pick the Norah and Emmy up for a special girl’s day at their house. They had so much fun with each other and it was so nice to only think about one kid for a little bit. So relaxing that the adults even got to play a game!

Monday night we had to get out of the house for some family entertainment so we went to Barnes and Noble. Before we got there, Emmy and I waited for daddy to do a little shopping at Dick’s. He took a while… πŸ™‚

Emmy still “don’t like it- kitty-cat” from Christmas. haha We kept hiding it in her little car and she would grab it with the tips of her fingers to launch it across the room saying, “no dank you kitty cat, no dank you!”

We brought the kids to my parents on New Year’s Eve. It was Tucker’s first sleepover with Gram and Pa! We said goodbye to our littles and grabbed some dinner before heading to Angie’s “Best of 2013” party. It was so much fun staying up late into the night playing games and laughing with friends. Matt’s favorite things of 2013? tank tops, sweatpants, zip-ups, and nutella/peanut butter dip. πŸ™‚

We got to sleep in until 8 am on New Year’s Day before heading over to pick up the kids. We ended up hanging out for a bit and building towers with Em. She would laugh so hard when the tower would crash to the floor. She’s the happiest kid and I love it! Afterwards went to visit H.J., Chels, and Riddle (their cat). Emmy loved chasing poor Riddle and trying to give her “high fives” and “big hugs”. What a good sport!

On Thursday I found a Jonah hand-me-down denim shirt that was identical to a smaller size Tuck already has. It fit Emmy so… a matching family photo was in order. That afternoon Ang agreed to watch all four kids while I went to a much-needed hair apt. She’s amazing! I loved getting pictures and videos of Tucker riding around in the baby doll stroller and all the cousins having a ball together…

Later that night Matt had to head back to his office to finish up some work and Tuck was already in bed for the night. I asked Em if she was ready for bed and she said, “No… Emmy play!” with the sweetest little eyes. So, we did! We had special one-on-one time playing with her new dollhouse. Her eyes were full of wonder as we pretended Gram and Norah were on the couch watching Nemo. She sang “There’s Just Something about that Name” to “daddy doll” as he fell asleep in his little wooden bed. She squealed with joy when we pretended Tucker’s little plastic tiger was sneak attacking all the people in the house. It was pure joy playing with my girl and I might have kept her up a little late. She insisted her whole family and baby tiger come to bed with her. When she woke up in the morning I could hear her reenacting all the scenes in her bed. She even wanted to show Tucker her little people. Too precious!

Friday night we had the family over for a little photo-shoot. We’re planning a joint party for Emmy and Jonah and wanted some pictures for their invites. When Gram was leaving Emmy was broken-hearted and kept saying, “Emmy go Gram’s car. Emmy go Gram’s house”. So sweet. Gram promised to come for her in the morning and take her and Norah out for another girl’s day of fun. They had so much fun shopping at Target with Gram and Em came home with some fun new little dolls for her house.

Super-daddy did his version of playing dolls with her- TORNADO!!! πŸ™‚


On Sunday, we played at church at then headed to Jodi and Matt’s for a delicious Taco lunch. Cousin-cuddle-time is always included in play time!

Monday was a wonderful “day-date” for Josh and I. We had a blast eating a delicious, stress-free lunch at the Rusty Crane and watching the new Hunger Games movie. It felt SO great to have free time together!

When we got home that evening, I decided to tackle the shelving project that I bought from Target for all our new Christmas toys. Good thing I had some great helpers! πŸ™‚ Josh made dinner while I worked with the little crew. A perfect “off-season” day.

Tuesday was New Years Eve. We spent the day cleaning, playing and getting ready for the big celebration. This year, we hosted a “Best of 2013” party. Everyone brought their favorite food, drink and wore their favorite outfit. After I got dressed for the party, Josh insisted I needed to change, since work-out apparel was my “niche” in 2013. Back into optimal “mom-clothes” :).

Norah and Jonah partied into the New Year at Mimi and Pop’s house. Norah was SO excited to meet sweet Brooklyn, a friend of the Juarez family. Lots of giggles to come!20140105-235231.jpg

Wednesday morning we slept til 9:30-gasp! Then we put away the Christmas decor and cleaned up our NYE mess. Before nap-time the kiddos came home and we relaxed before heading out to see Aunt Tori perform in Battle of the Bands with her band, Fuse. A super relaxed day and fun evening- bring on 2014!

On Thursday, the cousins came to play for the afternoon. Emmy loved playing with all the new toys at our house and all the kiddos crashed into bed at nap-time (I felt like doing the same.) That evening, we had a delicious Mexican dinner at Mimi’s house. Such a fun night of playing and silliness!

Friday morning, we met Norah’s sweet school friend (and her sister) for a play-date at BounceU. These girls are too precious!

After nap-time and a late work-out for Mommy, we ran over to Jodi’s for a 2-year-old photo shoot. Can’t believe these two will be two!

On Saturday morning, Gram picked Norah and Emmy up for more girl-time. They headed to Target for Starbucks and shopping- perfect girl time! Later that afternoon, Jonah and I ran into Target for a few items and bumped in the girls- still carousing the aisles. Both girls went home with Gram to nap and play some more. Jonah woke up missing “Sissy” and was delighted to FaceTime with her!

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