2013 Rewind


Jodi shared some pretty BIG NEWS about adding another member to their family! The Juarez family went on their first getaway. Emmy and Jonah both turned ONE and Jonah’s heart was miraculously healed. Matt turned 29 and Jonah learned to walk and, consequently, got a black eye!


The Smith’s put their first home up for sale, Josh’s Sno Shack did “A Taste of Summer” to support New Hope. We threw Heather a baby shower and Emmy learned to WALK (which meant a black eye for her too)! Our Grandpa King went home to heaven. We all got REALLY SICK, which made Valentines Day another bust for Matt and Jodi. (wa-wa) Josh and Angie had their 7 YEAR anniversary and Jodi made A LOT of headbands (which still proves to be our most popular blog post :))

20131231-094638.jpgThe Smith family found out baby #2 was a BOY after a bit of a shocker at the doctor’s office! Norah was still pretty convinced it was a girl though. Emmy wore her first pig-tails and the Juarez kids got all wet in the sink. We took lots of trips to the farm, and Angie walked in her first fashion show. 🙂 Angie turned 27 and celebrated at a Thunder game! We went on a double date and laughed until it hurt at Jim Gaffigan.


We had a happy Easter, Kenzie Andrew came into the world, and Norah met Elmo and the dentist for the first time. The Smith fam bought a house and got ready to move! We celebrated mom’s birthday and the Smith’s had lots of open houses.


We all celebrated Memorial Day and Mother’s Day. Norah turned 3 YEARS OLD and celebrated with a jump party!! Jodi turned 25 and celebrated with a day of family fun.


Jonah got several “ouchies“, The Smith’s moved into their new house and went on a baby-moon weekend. Angie helped throw a fabulous baby shower for Tucker. We celebrated the fabulous dads in our lives and Angie took on Lifetime’s 90 day challenge! Jodi finished decorating Emmy and Tucker’s nurseries and blogged about each design. We celebrated Pa’s birthday and went to the wedding of the year.


The cousins had some epic sleepovers, celebrated the 4th by the pool, and visited the Children’s Museum for the first time. Angie blogged about a day in the life of a mom and moved their family into a new house! Jodi and Matt celebrated their 3rd anniversary and we all spent a ton of time at the pool! We sweat buckets exploring the Tulsa Zoo and we all went on lots of dates.

20131231-105235.jpgJodi finally had Tucker after being way overdue once again. Jodi blogged about his birth story and amazing delivery. Wonderful friends came to meet baby Tuck and Angie blogged about the trophies of a mom. Jonah got a bad wasp sting and the Juarez fam ran the Glow Run! Josh turned 28 and the Sno Shack was BUSY!


We spent Labor Day playing “tennis” by the pool, our parents celebrated 30 years of marriage, and  Norah started going to preschool! Emmy got a kitchen in a closet and we all went back to the zoo. Gabby snapped some newborn photos of Tucker boy..

20131231-113145.jpgAngie blogged about running with kids and we celebrated one year of our #momlife blog. The Juarez family found out the original Sno Shack would have to be moved only for God to work yet another miracle. The Juarez and the Smith gang hit the state fair. Jonah and Emmy started ‘lil kickers’n and we spent a couple days playing at the Pumpkin Patch and even painted pumpkins with the kids. The Smith family had some terrible accidents and had lots of doctor appointments. But, things ended on a good note with silly Halloween costumes. Meet Dora, Boots, Granny Smith, and Scuba Tucker.

20131231-115100.jpgAs much as the Juarez family loves the shack, Angie was happy to say goodbye to sno cone season and have her husband back! We spent many days enjoying the weather at the park. The Juarez family went to Florida for a much needed vacation. We went to the Bridge’s Hoe Down and enjoyed a visit from some of our Michigan family. Mine’ and Jodi decorated for New Hope’s cabaret event. Angie ran the Route66 marathon relay. The Juarez’s celebrated Thanksgiving at Mimi’s house and the Smith’s headed to Chicago to be with Matt’s family. Emmy got a BMW from her Pops and explored the Chicago Children’s Museum!

20131231-115256.jpgWe made lots of Christmas crafts with the kids this month. We all put up trees, decked the halls, and played in the snow! We went to the ornament exchange, Christmas Train, and Rhema Lights. December proved to be another rough month full of lots of sickness. Glad we beat it just in time for Christmas!

Bye-bye 2013. You were full of surprises and so many wonderful things. But, the best is yet to come and we can’t wait to ring in 2014 and another incredible year…

One thought on “2013 Rewind

  1. Donna McCreary says:

    Congrats Angie and Jodie, and thenk you for sharing the events and pictures! Helps us not miss seeing the kids grow nearly as much. Nana & Papa


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