Our Week in Snapshots


On Sunday morning we dressed up for “Christmas Sunday” at church. The kids looked so cute in their outfits! After service, we met our (greatly missed) friends, Jordan and Kristen, for lunch. We used to have many after-church parties before we had 5 kids and another on the way. It was a great lunch to relive more youthful times!

That evening, we decided to decorate the leftover gingerbread we had from our staff party- fun, but gingerbread tastes terrible with frosting and sprinkles. Our trash can was happy to eat our hard work (after the kids went to bed, of course :).)

Monday evening we had a Rivers/Juarez family dinner at our house. Josh’s family used to have weekly dinners with the River’s family while the kids were all in school. Then, when Josh moved in with the River’s family for a couple years, Josh and I always joined the Sunday afternoon “family” time. It was a fun night of conversations, laughs, dance parties… and Josh trying to teach Diego some new cool “tricks.”

Tuesday was Christmas Eve. We went to the Christmas Eve service at church- we even sat on the front row with our kiddos. πŸ™‚ Brave, right? Josh ended up taking Jonah to the lobby after he asked for a “SNACK!??” for the 10th time.

After looking at Christmas lights and eating Chinese food, we headed home to open 1 Christmas gift of the kid’s choice- a tradition both Josh and my parents started with us. Norah opened her Barbie car and Jonah opened “toooools!” ( a power drill). Norah was confused on why she had a car and no Barbie… but loved putting beanie babies in the convertable and zooming them all over the wood floors. Jonah was in HEAVEN. Serioisly, the little boy was gasping he was so excited. He “fixed” everything in our house, even the floor on the way to his bed.

After the kids were sound asleep, Josh assembled Jonah’s Plasma Car and I put the finishing touches on Norah’s new bike. Then we had a race around house- the toys had to be broke in, right? πŸ™‚

Christmas morning was beautiful! Norah woke up early and climbed into bed to remind us that we needed to go make Pigs in a Blanket before Jonah woke up. She loves to be a big helper. Jonah woke up about the time breakfast was ready and Norah couldn’t get us all in front of the tree fast enough. She loved both giving and opening gifts! Jonah loved his toys, but was really more interested in breakfast. He loves his “faus-fage” (sausage) in the morning :).

That afternoon, we headed to Gram’s for an even bigger Christmas surprise! Norah got a beautiful doll house- complete with a flushing toilet and entry light. Jonah was given a super awesome tool bench- just perfect! Nonetheless, the absolute highlight for Norah was a ballerina outfit. She was in love!

On Thursday morning, we headed out for Christmas celebration #3- with the Juarez fam this time! We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then got started on the present fun. The kids got so many more wonderful toys- but LOVE their cupcake set, play dough kit and magnetic puzzles. Even more than the gifts though, they love having family to play with! So thankful these kiddos are surrounded by love on all sides!

Friday was spent in “recovery mode.” Playing with ALL our new toys, cleaning up and learning how to ride Norah’s new bike. SO fun- she is doing great! Before bed, we headed out for some ice cream in our pajamas. So glad the kids are healthy again. It feels like everyday is a celebration!

On Saturday, we ran some errands and then spent the afternoon bike riding. Norah was giggling away as she flew around the neighborhood pond. She rode nearly 2 miles and would have kept going if nap-time hadn’t crept up on us. πŸ™‚

That evening, we FINALLY made it out to the Rhema Lights. We had tried all month to make it and just never had warm enough weather or well enough kiddos. Even though Christmas is over, we soaked in the family time and were so thankful to get to enjoy another tradition. As you can see, both Josh and Nor were very tired of taking pictures. haha


On Sunday afternoon Emmy kept saying, “Big hug, Tucker! Big hug!” haha Β That night, we had Uncle H.J. and Aunt Chelsea over for fajitas and a gift exchange. It was my first attempt at fajitas on our new griddle. Big success- even better made into quesadillas for days afterwards. Aunt Chelsea picked out the perfect new baby for Em (complete with diapers, bathtub, and bottle). She loves it!

Monday night we had Lauren, Dave, Mine’, and Cody over. It was the best time in a while and we laughed and chatted late into the night. It’s been a long time since I’ve been laughing and playing games with friends at 2 am but it was MUCH needed. Nay and Cody got Miss Em a carseat for her baby dolls. As I’m sure you guessed.. she loved it! πŸ™‚ This girl is all about being a little mommy.

Tuesday the clan spent the day resting up for all the festivities. We went to the Christmas Eve service at the bridge with Angie’s fam. We showed up a little late and snuck into the back row. I guess Emmy didn’t see where I went and took off yelling, “MOMMY!” and darting down the aisle for Aunt Angie in the front row. Oh boy! After church we tried riding around to look at Christmas lights but the neighborhoods were completely packed with people who had the same idea. So, we headed to Happy House for some Chinese- a new xmas eve tradition! πŸ™‚


On Thursday morning Lauren and Mine’ came over to see the babies and soak up some last moments before Lauren headed back to Orlando. :/ Love these friends! That afternoon I had a long to-do list and decided to ditch it all for a nap on the couch with my little man. What a great choice… this cutie was a fabulous nap partner and oh so cuddly. πŸ™‚

In other big news this week… we rearranged Emmy’s room for something new and Em got some hello kitty pjs in the mail from GG. Our wild Friday night included a big steak dinner and buying an old season of Survivor. Having kids means knowing how to enjoy relaxing at home.

We spent all day Saturday cleaning and doing home projects. My lumberjack hubs spent over 6 hours chopping down ice storm casualties. Saturday was my third day in a row of trying to put our house back together. The Christmas tree has been laid to rest and the toys scattered everywhere have all found a new home. Goodwill is getting a good portion of our junk tomorrow and I’m feeling a lot better about this place. I did my “Jillian workout” 3 days in a row and the holiday face-stuffing has come to an end. whew! Thankfully we celebrated by finally taking the kids to Rhema Lights! They were so cute and loved it all. We took a carriage ride around, ate funnel cake, and went through the tunnel about 15 times.

We headed to Qdoba afterwards and the kids were being hilarious! I found out Emmy LOVES pinto beans and Jonah and Norah think “hug and kiss Emmy as many times as you can” is the best game ever. They were all over that place and completely out of control but seeing them love each other and play together is wonderful. #momlife

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