Our Week in Snapshots


We loved the beautiful weather of last weekend. What a much needed breath of fresh air! Sunday night I got a break from passing out meds and wiping noses to join the ladies of the Bridge for their annual ornament exchange party. The “Just Catering” van out front was the best news all week. πŸ™‚ Love me some Orr!

Emmy got a little Christmas mani and they both posed it up in front of the tree. Emmy cracked me up with all her different poses. She was trying so hard to copy whatever I would tell her to do including: hands on the hips, pointing her toe, and cupping her face with her hands. What a model! Oh.. and she’s pretty good at slefies too…

Wednesday was a great day of recovery. Tucker woke up sounding completely healthy and I finally felt well enough to think straight. We met Mine’ at Target to do some stocking stuffer shopping. Tucker LOVES his sister. Anytime she’s around he’s got the biggest grin and it’s pretty sweet for this momma to watch. Oh and Emmy stuffed her entire lunch down her shirt and was trying to squeeze her water bottle in too when I came over. ha!

Friday morning Emmy and I did some Christmas crafting. She loves having paint all over her fingers and sending out special mail. πŸ™‚ Coming at ya grandparents…

While Emmy napped at home with daddy, Tucker and I had a little mommy/son date at Norah’s Christmas performance. I’m always amazed at how peaceful a trip with one child feels. It’s amazing how much busier life feels with two. Norah was the cutest one in the program (in my completely unbiased opinion). Tucker enjoyed a serenade from sweet Nor after her performance and was all smiles at his big cuz.

Later that night we headed out for our Christmas train adventure.. post coming soon!


Last week Sunday, Norah and Daddy ventured out to church alone while I kept at eye on a feverish little man. 😦 That evening was the Women’s Ornament Exchange at the Bridge. It was a fun night of friends, delicious (gluten-free) sweets, girl-time and yummy food!

On Monday, we hosted a friend’s surprise 30th birthday celebration. It was such a great time, celebrating a friend who always gives selflessly to others and loves without limitations. We love you, Vivi!

Tuesday was yet another “sick-day” in the Juarez home. Thankful for warm weather and this cute dinner date on the deck.

On Wednesday evening, we ventured out from the house to the Bridge’s Kid’s Christmas production. Norah loved clapping and singing away to ‘Little Drummer Boy.” We heard “pa-rump-a-pum-pum” (and many variations) for days.

Thursday morning, Norah broke her 4th fever in 3 weeks. She’s been coughing on and off for weeks, so I finally took her to the Urgent Care to double check we weren’t mistaking this continual string of virus’ for something more serious. After a CXR and respiratory panels, we were thankful Bronchitis was the final diagnosis. Just ready for two happy kids and some fun winter adventures!

On Friday, Norah woke up happy and coughing far less. We headed to school late- determined to not miss her 1st Christmas Show and her friends! The kids were so precious in the program and Norah was too funny- posing away for the cameras while the other kids sang. Gram and Aunt Tori brought her flowers and she was shocked that the flowers weren’t for Mommy :). She is SO loved!

Friday evening we ventured out to the Christmas Train- it was SO cold and wet…. but what an adventure! So glad we didn’t miss it.

On Saturday morning, we all slept in and recovered from all the Friday fun. We decided to make chocolate pretzels for the neighbors and off course that turned into way more of an ordeal than I planned. Jonah dumped an entire container of sprinkles on the very first pretzel and at the end of the adventure Norah thought it would be cool to have black hands. Oh, deep breath…and off to the shower.

Saturday evening we had our “Shack Family Christmas Party.” It was a SUPER fun night of Ginger-bread-House-Making, a F250 limo ride with sparkling apple cider and a funny gift exchange that left us all exhausted. We really have such wonderful staff and precious friends!

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