Our Week in Snapshots


With the snow still lingering, we spent last weekend recovering from the “yucks” and resting. By Sunday afternoon, we were able to have a King family “rest-day” at our house. The Smith fam and Gram and Pa came over to play and cuddle. Later in the day, Josh and I went to see his sister’s last high sch00l play,”It’s a Wonderful Life,” while Uncle Matt and Aunt Jodi stayed with the kiddos. Aunt Tori is just beautiful and so talented! πŸ™‚

On Monday, we celebrated our friend Diego’s 6th birthday! Norah loves Diego and his brother, Lucas. Such sweet friends!

Tuesday morning, I woke up to find these two buddies cooking away. Norah has been very into “helping’ in the kitchen lately- did she get Mimi’s skills??Β After breakfast, we ventured out to River City Antique Mall in hunt of a new dresser for Norah’s “big-girl” room. No such luck, but we still had fun looking at all the unique toys!

On Wednesday, I started the painting Norah’s new bed. Sweet painting outfit, right? πŸ˜‰ That evening was the Murder Mystery Staff party at my in-laws church. Such a fun night- the staff got so into it and really embraced the fun!

Thursday morning I took Norah to the chiropractor. We’re trying our best to avoid antibiotics this year- when I gain some more insight on alternative methods that actually work, I’ll post about it! After our appointment, we had a girl’s lunch and shopping date at Whole Foods. Oh man, Norah could play there all day!

Friday was finally “SCHOOL DAY!” as Norah likes to cheer. This girl LOVES Preschool! While Norah was at school, Mommy and Jonah attempted some Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, this boy has realized he is SO over the stroller. “Walk! Walk! Walk!” is his command. Makes for some sloooow and distracted shopping!

Saturday afternoon we got to celebrate another friend’s 6th birthday. Norah loves her sweet friend, Hannah, from church. It was a dancing party and I have to say the girl were just precious! Nor was the littlest one there, but she was in heaven. I need to get this girl in a dance class!


We spent way too long living in our family fort. I was very sad to see it go, but it was time. πŸ™‚ Emmy loved bouncing on the blow-up mattress, especially when daddy joined in. We had to break out of the house after days of being iced in so we took a trip to the mall with Angie and Josh.

Sunday we spent the day at the Juarez’s. The cousins loved being back together even though they all seemed to be a little under the weather once again. Gram read them Christmas stories and they mostly cuddled and lounged around.

Monday I took the kids to Target and ended up having 45 minutes to kill before we had to get to Tucker’s chiro apt. I took advantage of this time with Tucker sleeping to grab a Starbucks with my girl. She was a pretty great coffee date. We sat at the stools by the window and talked about all the cool things we saw out the window including: “BIRDS! 1-2-3!” Love her!

Tuesday was our dr. apt… blah!

Wednesday was filled with breathing treatments for this sweet girl. It was very hard to get her to comply at first. She has the hang of it now and does so well. Ah if only a kiss could really make everything all better!

Emmy started acting more herself. Praise the Lord! Still snotting and coughing lots but happy. This was the rough day I just posted about. Just sharing a few germs…

Matt got home late Friday night and Emmy was so happy to wake up to daddy on Saturday morning. Matt was so sweet and sent me off to get a massage while he watched the kids. Best husband ever. We just had to do something fun after way too many episodes of Sesame Street the last few days. So… we had a day of Christmas cookie baking and decorating. Emmy was more interested in sneaking pieces of cookie dough and eating the cookies rather than decorating them…

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