Pity Party for One.

It’s been a little rough around these parts the last few days. Both kids became congested and began battling colds about a week before we left for our Thanksgiving trip. We spent our vacation dealing with runny noses, hacking coughs, and sleep deprivation. When we got home, the kids seemed to recover pretty quickly but it only lasted about 2 days. (Major UGH!!!!) Emmy started coughing again and before we knew it both kids were back to horrible congestion and I turned back into the family medicine cabinet and full-time nurse.

20131213-211344.jpgI finally got Emmy into the dr. on Tuesday and they prescribed antibiotics for her ear infections, a steroid for the cough, and breathing treatments for everything. The next day they called in the same meds for little Tucker. Let me just tell you, babies on steroids are HORRIBLE.

Sometimes being a mom can be totally overwhelming. I’m not qualified to treat this poor four month old baby but I’m responsible. I’m not sure what to do to help these littles, but it’s my job to scour the internet, make doctors appointments, and keep everyone alive (may be even happy). On Tuesday night I expressed to Matt how overwhelmed I felt caring for these sick kiddos for going on 3 weeks. I was pining for the days of going to the park, playing in the sunshine, day in and day out. This whole “quarantined to the house” thing is really getting old.

Then came the day I’ve been looking forward to all year. I awoke to a much worse off baby and a crying, snotty toddler. Instead of doing this, it looked like I’d be doing this for the weekend…20131213-210814.jpg

Matt had taken a very early flight to Houston for some meetings and I was supposed to catch up with him around that afternoon. Instead I spent the day administering breathing treatments to a very resistant Emmy. Tucker turned into a screaming machine on the steroid. No matter how tired he was, he wouldn’t sleep. We watched about 5+ episodes of Sesame Street. Suffice to say, I was pulling my hair out. I may have cried more than once. I may have lost my cool more than once. I would venture to say it was one of my hardest days of motherhood thus far. Nothing’s worse than caring for sick babies while you’re sick yourself. Everything about it stinks and having Matt gone made it much worse. Knowing what I was missing out on was much worse.

I had big plans for an epic weekend in Houston. I planned to do all my procrastinated Christmas shopping at the Galleria, have a romantic steak dinner with my hubs, and even see a late movie (a once a year event). Saturday night would have been spent at Matt’s Christmas party which is always beautiful and over the top. But this time #momlife duty called. I feel so disappointed that we missed out on our husband/wife getaway and even more disappointed that these kids still aren’t beating this junk. Overall, it’s been rough!

Matt called today to say he’s skipping his party tonight and flying home to rescue me. I couldn’t love him more. So as things were looking up, I decided a shower with Emmy was a good idea to cough up some junk and soak in the steam. Just as I was beginning to smile again, enjoying our little tea party on the shower floor, Emmy pooped. AH!! I hopped out of the shower to clean up the mess only to find Tucker had somehow covered his face with a pillow and was trying to catch his breath. So here I am: dripping everywhere, calming this poor babe, listening to Emmy screaming about her poop, and searching for something to clean the mess with. Ah, #momlife. It never ends.

It’s truly crazy how things can change in the blink of an eye. One moment, both kids are screaming and life feels completely nuts, and the next minute your being cuddled by the sweetest angels ever. Everything can go wrong but that one sweet moment makes it all worth it. I feel like I’m still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel on this one. Hoping tomorrow is a good one and these kids make a turn-around. In the meantime please pray for me to have the grace to be super-mommy. We will beat this!

P.S. I don’t know how I would have survived the last couple days without the best sister in the world. Nurse Angie came bearing all kinds of yummy things from Whole Foods, endless expert advice, and a listening ear. THANK YOU!!!20131213-210824.jpg

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