Happy Boy.

Photo Dec 08, 3 03 08 PMThis boy has been stealing my heart lately. He’s definitely hit the phase where he’s growing into an actual person lightning fast. For so long they seem to eat, sleep, repeat. Now, he is laughing. And I LOVE IT! He’s gone from sweet little coos to actual giggles. We’ve pulled out some old tricks we used to use to get Emmy cracking up and they’re working on him too. It brings back so many great memories of Emmy at this age and gets me all excited to watch Tucker grow. I feel Emmy sensing him turning into a little person also. She has started trying to play with him much more. She’s graduated from giving him hugs and kisses to having conversations with him about Elmo and quizzing him on his vocabulary. Every time I see her showing him love all on her own, I am overwhelmed with joy.Β He is such a sweetheart and the perfect little man for our family and I’m glad Emmy agrees.Β 

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