Our Week in Snapshots


On Tuesday I picked up all our Christmas ornaments and a little blue tree just for Emerson’s  room. We picked out a real tree together and decorated away. Love this season…

Thursday morning we showed Emmy our new tree and she was quite surprised. 🙂 It started snowing/sleeting and Em loved watching from her little nook. She keeps calling any snow she sees snow-man (haha). I bundled her up that night to go check out this strange white stuff but she wasn’t a fan at all. Too cold for this little princess. So, when Matt got home from the gym we decided to build a fort in the living room, pop up some popcorn, and watch Finding Nemo (Matt and Emmy have never seen it). I was shocked when she snuggled and ate popcorn for the entire movie. Loved it!

Friday morning we woke up to this beautiful winter wonderland. I had high hopes for building snowmen, snow angels, and sledding BUT this girl cried the entire time we were outside. She was very scared of the snow and kept saying, “back inside!” 😦 So, we opted for a day of cuddling and movies in our fort. These two were the cutest thing cuddling each other in their cozy blanket. I was shocked by how much they looked alike here. Emmy LOVES her little brother. She was climbing on top of him trying to give him kisses. She kept saying, “Look, Tucker. Watch this!”

Friday night we got a babysitter and ventured out to help out with New Hope’s big night. The Today Show is doing a segment on their agency, which will air on December 13th. 12 million people watch the Today Show so this is just a little exciting for New Hope! As if that wasn’t cool enough, Walmart joined up to surprise the kids with amazing Christmas gifts, a computer lab for New Hope, and a $5,000 gift card for other needs. It was such a fun night to see these kids get so blessed…


Last week Sunday, Norah woke up with a 102 degree fever. We cancelled our plans and spent the day cuddling, sleeping and chasing our silly little man (who loves to be naked) around the house.

On Monday, we said good-bye to Grandpa Juarez. We love the time we get to spend with him!

By Tuesday afternoon, Norah finally seemed to have a little pep. We made ornaments, took a slow walk, and went to bed early. Jonah couldn’t head to bed without trying Daddy’s celery. Any snack is a good snack in his book.

Wednesday we tried to venture out for some “Holiday Fun.” We made it to Utica Square for about an hour, before Norah was coughing and exhausted. Why does recovering from a virus take so long?? The kiddos did LOVE the Christmas decorations and all the toys in the Pottery Barn Kids store!

After naps, we made paper-plate Christmas wreaths. We used sparkly glue, markers and ribbon to finish our masterpieces. Jonah LOVED squeezing the glue and Norah was so proud of her project!

The cold weather rolled into Tulsa on Thursday- sleet, rain, ice. Slick streets! Tulsa gets a little freaked out of prospective snow and I was shocked that Target was wiped clean of cheese (and many other items!) That evening we ventured out see the little bit of snow we had… then we ran back inside to play and eat dinner. Jonah wasn’t a fan of chili- so I gave up and he ate Almond Butter and Sweet Potatoes for dinner. Yummy combo?

We ended the night with coloring and cutting snowflakes for our kitchen table. The kids LOVE these- so silly but they think it is great to have snow IN the house. 🙂

On Friday, we bundled the kids up to go “do donuts” in a parking lot in the car. Um.. so fun! Jonah was cracking up! After the fun, we came home to play in the snow. It lasted about 4.5 min before we were all FROZEN.

After naps, Daddy headed to the New Hope event and we decided to party at home with Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies. Yum!

Saturday we played with Cooper- fun for everyone! That evening, Josh cut Jonah’s hair. It was supposed to be a trim to keep it out of his eyes… but turned into more. He’s so handsome, but I have to say I miss his surfer hair. I’m a little sad to see a more refined little man. 🙂

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