Chicago Children’s Museum

We love the Tulsa Children’s Museum. The Chicago one blew it out of the water! We could have easily spent a full play day at just one exhibit. But, there were probably 20 different ones to explore. Even I felt over-stimulated by all the incredible things to play with and look at. I know I definitely caught Matt engrossed in tinkering with a few things along the way. πŸ™‚20131130-194501.jpgWe started with their new winter wonderland exhibit. They had that place decked out with snowballs and city scape. I want to know who does the decorating at these places because that kinda sounds like my dream job. They had a pseudo ice skating rink which Emmy was all about.

Next we headed to the firefighter station. They thought of absolutely everything here. They had dress-up clothes, a firetruck, a simulated burning building with fire hoses, and Em’s personal fav: a fire pole.

Since Emmy was still recovering from her horrible cold/flu when we went, she seemed a little out of it. We noticed lots of long stares and she was fairly quiet all day. :/ I was so happy when we made it the water exhibit and my little Emmy-girl perked up and gave her signature cheesy smiles. Nothing better than the freedom to splash like crazy!

We took a little break on a forklift for Em to snack on a banana and relax. This girl could be entertained forever by climbing steps or chairs…

They had the coolest paleontologist room where you could brush/dig for fossils. I think Emmy mostly enjoyed throwing the rubber pieces and trying to brush her hair instead.

They had so many fun things to play even throughout the hallways. We tried a little bowling but Em just used her “soccer skills” to kick over the pins. πŸ™‚

There was lots to look at in the garden-like exhibit. Ems ran through a tunnel and smacked straight into a mirror and fell over. Those can be so deceiving. haha

Emmy’s other favorite was definitely “Kid’s Town”. The second she spotted a shopping cart, a huge smile covered her face. This girl is a “little mommy” for sure! They had the cutest little market, car wash, post office, and city bus ever. They even had a spot to make wood oven pizzas. We had to lure her out of this exhibit with lots of crackers. πŸ™‚

Our last stop was the “Tree House” exhibit. Ems loved the fort with a slide, “canoeing” down the river, and making dinner with daddy in a log cabin.

On our way out we walked through the gift shop and it was no surprise what Em gravitated towards right away!20131130-193633.jpgOnce we decided we were too hungry to continue on we headed further down Navy Pier to find some Garrett’s popcorn and Chicago dogs! Both absolute “hits” with E.

We love this city and look forward to making many more memories here with our kiddos…

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