Our Week in Snapshots


After the flu and strep last week, running 5+ miles in 23 degree temps, and taking care of a little girl with the flu- I may have over done it. 😦 Josh always tells me that the flaw I fight the most is knowing when to take it easy on myself. So after paying my dues (aka spending the night with my face over the toilet), I was wiped out Monday. Josh took on Dad-duty and played with the kids. He took Norah to a movie Monday night; Jonah and I watched Daniel Tiger and ate snacks in bed.

On Tuesday morning, we pulled out our old 6ft fake tree and decided to set it up in our front office. It is now our “family tree.” The kids are welcome to decorate it, play with the ornaments on it and pull the branches however they like. Norah and I ran to Target to get a tree stand- she picked out a monkey ornament for her and a “Frosty” for Jonah-man.

Wednesday I tried to go to Bootcamp, but left feeling dizzy and weak. Ugh- I don’t like feeling wiped-out! The kids and I cuddled in bed all afternoon and then headed to Mimi’s for dinner with Grandpa Juarez (who is visiting from Brownsville for Thanksgiving.)20131201-080751.jpg

Thanksgiving morning, I decided to quit my antibiotics and felt SO much better. I know, bad medical move… but I couldn’t handle them anymore. We spent the morning, coloring Thanksgiving pictures and prepping Prosciutto-Wrapped Dates (yum!).

We spent the afternoon with Josh’s family and my parents. It was a delicious dinner! Jonah was so sweet playing with Grandpa Juarez- he loved teasing him with how high he could stack his blocks. After naps, we played “Logo Party”- SUPER fun game! Aunt Jen is officially too good though. πŸ™‚

Friday morning, Jonah was feverish and coughing like crazy. Daddy ran out around 9 to do some “Black Friday” shopping at Sams, Lowe’s and Best Buy- glad he found us a Christmas tree! Later Daddy stayed home to cuddle the little man (and power-wash the deck), while Norah and I joined the Juarez family and Gram for Frozen. It was a beautiful Disney movie, BUT I think it was too much for Norah. She was scared and anxious most of the time… I think Dora is as intense as this sweet girl can handle for now.

Friday evening, we opened the 12ft tree Josh bought- 12ft is HUGE. We may have overdone it… but “Go Big or Go Home?” Mimi brought soup and stew over later- so sweet to listen to Grandpa Juarez’s stories. He is such a treasure to spend time with!

Why is it that boxes are the greatest toy?

Saturday the Oklahoma weather was wonderful! Josh hung Christmas lights on our house and the kids helped me “decorate.”

And this is how we ended out night…. Jonah tried to push Norah down the stairs. Norah yells. Josh walks over and says sternly, “Jonah, we don’t push! That isn’t safe, say your sorry!” This was the result…. this face…. for the next 30 seconds. Stubborn, hilarious… such a boy. Oh, boy!20131201-081322.jpgTHE SMITH FAM

We also started the week off pretty rough with everyone getting sick. Em had a runny nose and cough. We spent the day watching way too much Elmo, playing scrabble, and making chili..

Tuesday Matt felt terrible too so he joined the lazy day party. Both kids loved snuggling papa. We felt so bad for Emer when she started throwing up on top of her cold. It’s been especially hard on Tuck with him being too little to take most medicines. He sounds like a little old man with this cough. 😦 Thank goodness he is still so happy. He smiles through it all. Love my happy boy!

We spent Wednesday night packing for our trip to Chicago to be with Matt’s family for Thanksgiving. Tuck went with me to Target for some last minute things and decided to suck his thumb, which he’s never done before. Too sweet. We’ve been looking forward to family time for while and feel so bummed it wound up while we were sick. :/ Ah well…

On Thanksgiving morning we loaded the airplane and headed to see Grandma and Pops! Surprise! Surprise! They had some early Christmas presents for Em including her first car! Pops was so excited to give Miss E her new ride. She loved it and woke up the next morning asking for her car right away.

We had lots of fun introducing baby Tuck to so many family and friends. Em loved playing with all the kids although she really missed being with Nor and Jonah-man.

We’ve been having a great time with HJ and Chels here in Chicago. Em loves waking up to a party everyday. It was a rough first couple nights with Matt losing his voice and both him and Tucker coughing like crazy. It’s never fun to see Em just not being herself and so out of it not feeling well. :/ But, we’ve been fitting some special memories in and everyday is getting better so happy for that! I can’t wait to post about our vaca later this week.

Saturday we brought Em downtown to go to the Chicago Children’s Museum. It was AMAZING (might need a separate post just about the museum alone). Having kids is so fun!

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