Happy Thanksgiving, Mommas!

Not every day is “roses” for Mommas. We ask our children to be happy and polite, smile for the camera and hope that we all remember the day as happy and wonderful; in hope that we will forget the tantrum they just threw or the crumbs that are all over their clothes. Holidays are the often the hardest. Lots of family, lots of talking, lots of sitting at the table for meals, LOTS of STIMULATION.

Just the other day, my husband and I were talking about our plan of action for the holiday festivities. Our three year old tends to take advantage of holiday situations. She runs to Mimi when Gram tells her “not to hang off the banister” or she runs to Aunt Tori when Mommy tells her “no more chocolate.” She knows how to work the crowd.

In efforts to be able to actually ENJOY the family time, my husband and I decided that we will address the issues and explain how holidays work with kids before we go see family. If it works, if they remember in the “heat of the moment”- great! If they forget, get tired, get overwhelmed… I will CHOOSE to smile, take a deep breath, and put them down for naps with a smile on my face. This holiday season, I want to know that the smile I see on the camera is not forced or coerced. I want to know that I was THANKFUL for my family. I want to remember how THANKFUL I was for this busy life with two little loves.

I want my children to know my thankfulness and emulate my happiness.

It isn’t always easy, but before the craziness gets started, take a deep breath, look at your family… and BE THANKFUL for all that you have been given.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mommas! You’re doing great!

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