Our Week Snapshots


We started the week with lots of playtime with the family. Emmy loves going through Gram’s drawers looking for lights. She runs into the laundry room to test out her flashlights. The newest game is playing inside her storage ottoman (the perfect reading nook).

Emmy has started pretending to read books to Tucker. She holds it open facing him and says, “what’s that Tucker?” “Look, Tucker”. This particular morning she really wanted to hold hands with him and read him a story at the same time. So cute.Β I started pulling out all our Christmas decor this week and really getting in the spirit. Tucker found the coziest spot for nap time.

On Thursday we got last minute free tickets to JT with HJ and Chels. We got a babysitter and a great double date night. We had fun having dinner and dancing to throwback tunes. Although, I’ve actually never been a Timberlake fan (I know- I’m probably the only one). Unfortunately, this show only confirmed my annoyance with him. Team Britney for sure. πŸ˜‰

We tried the bumbo chair for the first time with Tucker. He’s still a little floppy for it but it was so cute to see them watching Elmo side by side. πŸ™‚ Tucker caught his first little piggy on his play mat and has started reaching for everything. Little man is growing up like crazy. Side note- This tree outside our bedroom window makes for the prettiest view.Β On Friday afternoon we met Miss “Nay” for lunch at Ripe Tomato. YUM! Having a best friend who is so great with your kids is the best. Tucker can’t get enough of her and Emmy literally took off running for a big hug when she spotted “Nay” down the aisle. Aw!

Emmy’s been napping for 3 hours plus lately with it getting so dark early. I snuck in to wake her up, turned on the light, and little princess just kept snoozing. I had to take some pics of this peaceful little sleeper. Move over, Angelina, girl’s got some lips! πŸ˜‰

We met HJ and Chels at Whole Foods to explore our new store. They have miniature shopping carts that had Emmy in heaven. We had some delicious samples and a slice of pizza while we walked around. Emmy tried loading her cart with lots of squeeze packs, dog treats, and desserts.

Later we met friends to celebrate Stewart’s graduation from paramedic school. Cooper was a great friend and showed Emmy to the playroom. We had a very peaceful drive home (not). Tucker wouldn’t keep his paci in and was screaming nonstop, Emmy was crying because we couldn’t find the song she wanted to hear (beyond sleepy). Matt and I were cracking up though because Emmy kept giving herself a pep talk through her tears saying, “It’s okay, Ommy. Don’t cry Ommy.” This girl is too funny.

Saturday we got a special visit from Jonah-man. I think Emmy was a little excited about our visitor. They had a blast playing hide and seek, dancing, and entertaining Tuck. Our neighbor’s house went up for sale so Mine’ came over to check out the open house. Best friends that live across the street would be pretty amazing.

Saturday night we met at the Odom’s house for a night of Christmas fun with the kids. Ella didn’t enjoy her hug (choke) from Em too much. haha They had us laughing pretty hard with Emmy not giving up on getting her Ella hug and Ella screaming in fear. Oh the fun of kids…

Per usual, Allison was the best hostess. She had the prettiest and yummiest appetizers set out, apple cider for the road, and her house decked out for Christmas. We got SO bundled up for the freezing walk to the Philbrook lights with strollers in tow. Double stroller did it again. We had to unload the kids and completely break it down to get through all four doors of our journey. yay. πŸ™‚

Afterwards we warmed up with some playtime in Ella’s dreamy nursery. We love making memories with these special friends.


We started the week with soccer practice and reading stories with GG. Precious memories πŸ™‚

After naps, we had dinner and Christmas decorating time with our Juarez family. The kids loved playing school with Aunt Tori and Jak (as always.) Norah would have put ornaments on the tree all night. She did a great job looking for the “naked” spots and then filled them with decor. She loved the ballerina, thr big sock, the red balls …. and really every other ornament. Jonah just loved the balls.

On Tuesday, we said goodbye to GG and then came home to find Daddy tackling our massive amount of leaves. We joined him in “picking leaves up” (aka throwing them, giggling and crashing into the giant pike.)

Wednesday morning we ventured out to the park before naps. This chilly weather is just not too fun for extended playing outside :(.

That night, Norah went to church with Mimi and then had a sleepover. Jonah helped Daddy do some home projects. Jonah LOVES tools… “too! toooooo!”

On Thursday morning, Mommy wasn’t feeling too good, but we headed to the warehouse (ha-house as Jonah says) to winterize and clean. The kids think the warehouse is like a big clubhouse. Too cute!

Around 2pm everything started going downhill for me, I climbed into bed with a fever, super sore throat, nausea and exhaustion. It only got worse over the next couple hours and at 9:30pm we decided to go to Ergent Care since I had 101 fever and hives all over. They gave me antibiotics for strep and suggested I also had the flu. I didn’t leave my bedroom til Saturday morning, when Norah woke up with the flu. Ugh!

Thankfully Jodi, Matt and my parents came to the rescue. Uncle Matt picked Jonah up and then Gram came to get him later. Having two kids pass virus’ back and forth can be so rough! Jonah had a blast going to the mall, Bass Pro, reading stories and of course showing of his belly!

Norah, Josh and I spent Saturday laying around, napping and watching LOTS of NickJr. My sweet girl, kept crying, “I just want to play… I just want to feel better!”


Sunday morning was brutal- we had signed our shack family up for the Route 66 Marathon Relay. Basically everyone has to run between 5-6miles in 5 legs. Thankfully, one of our kids volunteered to run 2 legs so Josh could stay home with Norah. BUT, that still meant that I had to run 5+ miles at 8am, when it was FREEZING cold and my body was only half recovered. I just kept telling myself that it was a challenge to see how “young” I still was… and it couldn’t be worse than 9months of pregnancy. Several people ran without appropriate clothing too! Crazy!

Our team did great! We finished the marathon in 3hrs 57min and to say it was cold is an understatement! One of our staff even ended up running the whole marathon after his leg of the race. Great job Aubri, Hunter and Daniel (not pictured)! 20131125-101604.jpg

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