New Hope Oklahoma

“New Hope is changing the lives of children of prisoners everyday. When a child’s parent goes to prison, many important developmental milestones are put in jeopardy and children suffer, but New Hope is working to break the cycle of generational incarceration in the state of Oklahoma. Through their life affirming programs, children are lifted from isolation and fear into possibility and hope. New Hope addresses the issues these children face through their main service areas: community and school-based after school programs, weekend retreats, summer camps, holiday assistance, and social service coordination.”

Our good friend, Lindsay Fry-Geier, is the executive director of New Hope Oklahoma. She loves her kids and leads New Hope with contagious passion.  Both Josh and Matt, our husbands, sit on the board for this wonderful organization. We have been privileged to both support and contribute to programming over the last couple years. The Cabaret is one of the largest fundraising events that New Hope coordinates.

I (Jodi) was so excited when they asked my friend, Mine’, and I to help decorate for this black-tie event. Being a SAHM can make you a little stir-crazy from time to time, so this was the perfect project to keep me going. It was so fun to do with my best friend. I loved being creative for such a great cause!

On the morning of the event, we all loved seeing little, tiny Mine’ show up driving her dad’s big catering van. We hustled, unloaded and set up… with lots of help from Mama Sahinalp, Rhonda Geier, and Josh. Mine’ and I used Christmas lights and sheer panels to create an inexpensive backdrop for the stage. The ambiance it created was wonderful- we even took the liberty of making it our own little photo-booth for the night 😉

The night featured a black-tie cabaret and a live auction to raise money to support programs that benefit the children of prisoners in Oklahoma. It was a fancy night of fun with friends to benefit these precious kids!

20131117-210400.jpgIf you spend any time with Lindsay, you can’t help but catch her passion for this cause. Local kids are experiencing such dependable love and hope through New Hope’s directors, various programs, summer camps and holiday events. If you’re interested in supporting a child or donating to New Hope Oklahoma you can click here for more info.


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