GG and Caroline Come to Town…

This week we got a special visit from our Grandma King and Aunt Caroline. They came all the way from Michigan to stay for a long weekend. It was their first time to meet both Jonah and Tucker. It’s always so nice to have family here in Tulsa. We’ve had a great time catching up on life, laughing over memories, and introducing the kids. Plus, hearing Emmy attempt the name Caroline is pretty cute too.

They got in on Friday and we had a fun little birthday party for them at our parent’s house. The kids are still excited to be back together after the Juarez family vacation. Jonah and Em liked playing peek-a-boo in Gram’s ottoman. They discovered the wonder of whip cream, thanks to Pa. And baby Tucker just cuddled. πŸ™‚


On Saturday they went to the aquarium with Angie and the kids while I set up for the cabaret. Looks like they had a blast… sad we missed out!


On Sunday we all went to The Bridge for a great church service. It was fun to watch Norah show Emmy around the church. She held her hand in the parking lot and told Em, “Stay close, you have to be careful baby”. πŸ™‚ Then at nursery she was beaming with pride holding her little cuz’s hand. After church everyone came over to our house for Rib Crib in the backyard and Balderdash by the fire.

Monday morning GG and Aunt Caroline joined us for soccer practice and some Chick Fil A. The kids moved up an age group and things got a little trickier. They also moved to the big field so now we practice right next to Norah’s class. It’s a little distracting for Miss Emer (who was frantically waving and yelling “Hi NOR!!!” most of the class). After lunch they went to Angie’s to see her new home. GG got some special time reading to the great-grandkids. Sweet moments.

Later that night we went to my parents for a game of scrabble with GG. Emerson knows their names now and kept asking, “Where’d Caroline go?” Or “Hi GG! GG’s turn!” So cute! We ended the night with a great home video viewing. It’s so much fun to see these videos as a mom now. I have to say, Em actually looks and acts a lot like baby Jodi. Winner! πŸ™‚

Thanks for coming to town GG and Caroline. We loved having you!! More visits please!

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