Our Week in Snapshots


Sunday we played in the leaves in the backyard. It felt so nice to be outside just enjoying the gorgeous weather and being a family!

On Monday, daddy left for Houston for a couple days. We took an unfortunate trip to Target (Emmy had several meltdowns and we wound up leaving early for nap time). Good thing nap-time cured our bad start to the day and we had fun playing at home. Ems loved being outside, no matter how cold!

Emmy has become an expert at the “shopping baby” game on the “ipa”. We did a little Thanksgiving painting to send in the mail to the Grandparents. πŸ™‚

Wednesday night we went to the Bridge’s “Round Up” party. It was so much fun with a chili cook-off, line-dancing, and lots of friends and family. Emmy had everyone cracking up with her hilarious spinning moves. She has serious concentration while dancing. Her latest trick which could be busted out anytime, anywhere: downward dog. Β πŸ™‚

Thursday we enjoyed cuddling as a family in bed. It’s always great to be reunited with papa! Em loves reading books in the morning. She always says, “look Tucker, what’s that Tucker?”. Matt took the whole morning off just so we could spend time together. We sent out our Thanksgiving mail and went to lunch. Later that night I had a phone conversation with Aunty Mine’ and watched Emmy unload two entire boxes of wipes. She used each individual one on poor Elmo. He was severely drenched but very clean. As long as she had fun! πŸ™‚

Friday we ran some last minute errands for the New Hope cabaret. Running errands with two is just so busy. The unbuckling, rebuckling, loading, unloading, and crisis management is a lot. Tis the mom life. Emmy has been very into the number two lately. She was thrilled to find “2 ELMO” while wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby. Later that night we went to Gram and Pa’s for a little birthday party. My Grandma and Aunt Caroline are in town and both have birthdays this month so it was perfect timing. They got to meet baby Tucker and we’re having a blast having them here.

Saturday we had the cabaret event for New Hope. It was so much fun decorating this event with Mine’. This is such an amazing charity that we’ll be posting more about this week…

Sunday we joined the family for church at the Bridge. Norah was so proud to have her little cuz there. We had everyone over for lunch after and game time. Love these people…


Tuesday afternoon we flew home from our wonderful family vacation to Miramar Beach (Sandestin). What was suppossed to be a quick connection and flight home,Β  turned into a crazy nearly 9hr event. Our first flight was delayed a bit, so Josh ran for the connecting flight in Houston Hobby. As the kids and I arrived at the gate (Norah put her running skills to use), Josh shook his head and announced they had already closed the gate. 12 min before departure. They put us on the next flight to Tulsa- 3hrs later. So, we were stuck in the airport, exhausted from our fun in the sun, and without a stroller (they made us check it through because of our short connection time). After many deep breaths, a pep talk from Jodi, and maybe a few tears of exhaustion, I decided to make the best of it. We played Simon Says, had races, tore apart sanitizer wipes and even made obstacle courses out of the chairs. Even though it was a long night,Β  I was so proud of these kiddos!

Wednesday morning we relaxed, slept and unpacked. In the evening we went to the ‘Round Up’ at the Bridge. It was a fun night of delicious chili and line dancing. Norah LOVES this event… maybe I need to look into dance lessons?

On Thursday, we were still lacking sleep… so we just relaxed and took a walk before nap time. There are such beautiful colors in Tulsa right now! Look how many leaves we have to clean up in our yard too!

On Friday, we welcomed our Grandma King and Aunt Caroline to Tulsa with a joint birthday celebration. With all of our extended family being in Michigan, it is so refreshing to family here for the weekend! Pa showed the kids how to squirt whip cream in the mouth… new favorite game ;).

The Oklahoma Aquarium was our Saturday morning adventure. We have never been and I have to say the kids loved it! I was really surprised by how interactive the exhibits were designed.

On Saturday evening, we had a beautiful fundraiser evening for New Hope Oklahoma. We love this organization and are so proud of their efforts in our state!

Today, we spent the day with family at Jodi’s house. A fun, relaxing day!

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