Our Week in Snapshots


On Sunday, we took a much needed “family day-off.” After donuts, cleaning, playing and organizing, we headed to Gram and Pa’s house to relax with the fam. Aunt Chelsea jumped in to Norah’s “playing doctor” obsession- complete with a toilet paper arm cast.

Monday was a Norah/Gram day. Norah came home with this beautiful side braid- reminds me of my childhood! After naps, we enjoyed a delicious dinner with the Juarez fam. Jonah got really thirsty and just couldn’t wait for his water bottle ;).

The rest of our week to be filled in soon! Here’s a sneak peak!


20131110-142123.jpgTHE SMITH FAM

On Sunday night we hung with the kids at Gram and Pa’s house. We found Elmo and noticed he’d been eating some crackers. Love my silly girl.

On Monday we hit the mall for some entertainment. Em and I accidentally matched, which is always awesome. That night we took a long family walk with our bundled up little goobs… Later, Emmy and I went to clean out the car and nearly stepped on this scorpion. Sweet, now I’m afraid to walk around or touch anything in my garage.

Tuesday morning is always, “SOCCER, SOCCER, SOCCER!” (as Emmy likes to chant). She is becoming quite the professional picture-taker and got this shot of Tucky sleeping while I loaded up the car. After all that “athletic stuff” we needed to unwind with some “beauty shop” and coloring fun. πŸ™‚

We spent Wednesday mostly playing around the house and running errands. I got some sweet tummy time with this blue-eyed little mister. When I got home from a New Hope meeting, my mom had dropped by and decided to take Em home for a sleepover. Matt and I took advantage and headed out to Russo’s (a new Italian place near our house). Tuck cooed peacefully in his carseat by our feet and we enjoyed what felt like an actual romantic mid-week date. Oh, and Russo’s was delicious. Sinful, but delicious.

Friday morning was spent playing at Lafortune Park with girlfriends. I think Em was a little excited. She’s started saying hi to everything she sees, which includes everytime we drive by a park she yells, “HI PARK! BYE PARK!”. Emmy normally uses a paci only for naps and nighttime sleep but this week we decided to start weaning her from that since she’s been seeming more attached to it. She’s done surprisingly well and we’re pretty much done with it all together. This naptime she kept asking “where’d the paci goooo??” so I gave her a book to look at instead (Being a good parent is all about distraction right?). I snuck in to check on her and found sleeping beauty and her book looking so peaceful. Love. Later we dropped the kids off at my parents and saw “Captain Phillips”- so intense. Great night!

Saturday we went to breakfast at Wild Fork with the kiddos and did some shopping and playing, enjoying the perfect fall weather. Em LOVED chasing squirrels around Utica and entertaining everyone eating outside at Wild Fork. haha. Em has graduated from her obsession with buckles to snaps. After naps we took a walk on Riverside and wound up sipping Christmas drinks at Starbucks. Em had fun swinging on the stroller and throwing away trash for everyone.

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