Hello November

As I’ve mentioned several times, Josh and I own a local shaved ice business (Josh’s Sno Shack.) We pack in the hours from spring to fall and when winter weather arrives, we welcome it with open arms. No more emailing each other to stay in touch, no more late-night closings, no more craziness.

As much as I love Sno-Shack-Season, it is a refreshing change to feel the wind nip at your neck and know that Daddy will be home for bedtime and even dinner. New adventures await– family adventures! My heart feels secure, my home feels full and once again, I can look back over the months and see that God never let us down.

There were so many days that I thought I couldn’t put the kids to bed by myself yet again, so many Saturdays I wished Daddy could stay home to play,Β  and so many house projects that I had to overlook for months. But… God was faithful. I made it, we made it…Josh made it. (I’m kinda proud of him :))

The last of our four locations closed on Oct 30th and the night ended the way our season began- long lines and lots of laughs. We are so thankful for Tulsa and their love of shaved ice. We will continue to do events and catering throughout the winter, but that seems “like cake” after the busyness of 2013.

People ask me everyday what Josh does after the shack closes. They ask the question every year. So, for all you wonderers, this is my answer: He’s a dad.

He works so hard and sacrifices so much to run our business to the best of his ability. From March to November, he never stops thinking about sno cones, staffing, growing…doing things even better. He has new ideas everyday and if you know Josh, you know he never stops dreaming.

This winter, he will continue grad school at OSU and explore a few business adventures that he has been pursuing. BUT, above all else, he will be a Dad. He will be my knight in shining armor.

He will be here when the kids wake up and when they go to sleep; he will read stories and wrestle; he will cook (because he loves to) and teach the kids how to rake leaves.Β  If I think of all the things we can do this winter, I may fill it up too fast, so for now I am just embracing having my husband home. I look forward to lazy morning cuddles and hearing Norah repeat all the funny things Daddy teaches her. This is my happy place.

Hello, November. It’s nice to meet you, again.


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