Our Week in Snapshots


Last Sunday was a busy day of fall fun! After saying good-bye to our Michigan friends, Josh and Norah headed to church. After church, we walked through out backyard to our neighborhood Halloween Party. Norah went as a princess and Jonah as a Chelsea soccer player. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are LOVING our sweet neighbors and neighborhood!

After naps, it was time for the epic Princess and Pirates Party at The Bridge. Josh and I made Jonah’s costume together and pieced together the elements for Norah’s. They were too cute as DORA and BOOTS.

The party was a blast, but Jonah was obsessive about his candy! He got 2 things in his bucket and wanted to sit down and enjoy… didn’t matter if the wrapper was removed or not. Funny kid…

On Monday, we had a fun Juarez family dinner. Josh and Tori practiced guitar and Norah and Mimi drew lifesize pictures of Norah. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuesday began with Lil’ Kickers and ended with one last night of fun at “Daddy’s Sno Shack.” These kids love to visit Daddy and their latest love is “pop-pop (poprocks)” in their “eyyyy (ice).”

After I got home from Bootcamp Wednesday morning, the kids greeted me covered in sparkles and SO excited to show me the craft they did with Daddy. Without any prompting at all, Daddy came up with an idea to paint our little decorative pumpkins with glue and do glitter. Talk about a good Daddy!

The rest of the rainy day was spent “playing school, nap-time, and pajama day.” Norah refused to change out of her jammies! Later in the afternoon, we found one lone pumpkin that still needed painting. This girl LOVES this project!

“It takes a lot of muscles. You got to really aim for it. I’m really good at this. Shake, shake shake…”

Thursday morning we ran errands and drove past this cemetery entrance. Norah looks out the window and says with awe, “Ohhh Mommy, that’s a nice house! Isn’t it beautiful?!”


Thursday evening was officially Halloween, Norah was over-the-moon excited for Trick-or-Treating! The kids went as Dora and Boots again… wish Nor would have liked her wig!

After bed, we did what parents do… enjoyed our kid’s candy and watched a movie. ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday morning was school day #9 for Miss Nor. Jonah and I had a great play day- even sat in the toy aisle at Target to play trains for 10min. I never thought I would say it, but having a little boy is a wonderful, fun adventure!

PS… who said he could grow up and loose his baby rolls?20131103-155209.jpg

Saturday morning, Daddy watched and cuddled the kids so I could go to Urgent Care. I’ve had this crazy sinus infection and have been living on Mucinex D, Afrin and natural supplements. Finally, with Josh’s persuasion I decided to go get check out. Glad I did- they gave me antibiotics and even a steroid shot because my glands were so swollen.


Saturday afternoon we hung with the cousins and walked to CFA. Later that evening, Cooper came to play. These kiddos are too cute! Even Jonah loves “Poo-pah!!”


We started Tuesday with soccer practice. Gram came by to watch and the kids did cheers with their twizzlers. After naps we had Bethany and the girls over to play. Reese and Em had fun taking turns pushing each other in the car. Bethany and I had fun sipping Starbucks and catching up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday was another rainy day. Em read Tucker stories in bed. I tried to teach her how to jump in the puddles but she really preferred sitting in them instead. So, we opted for popcorn and cuddles inside.

While in my closet, I could hear Emmy saying, “BAM! Tucker.. bam!” and came out to find her trying to give high-fives.ย Wednesday night Matt got home from Vegas and we picked him up at the airport again. We all LOVED seeing him and especially having him home again. No more trips for a while!! As soon as we got in the door, Em wanted to have a tea party with papa and Tuck just said “ooooh”. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lauren came in town to celebrate her birthday. We could not have been more excited to see her and have her back in Tulsa for a few days. This was Tucker’s first time to meet Aunty Lauren. He loved her immediately, but who doesn’t!?

Later that night we got all dressed up for some trick or treating. We finally got Em to leave her grandma wig on successfully. So, we had the cutest little old lady and the most handsome scuba diver ever.

We only made it up and down our street but it was a blast for Matt and I to watch Emmy’s excitement. She seemed very distracted by her little walker. She mostly loved hopping up and down the curbs and ringing the doorbells. Good thing she hasn’t really gotten the concept of candy too much yet. It was so fun seeing/meeting neighbors and laughing over their costumes.

After some trick or treating, Matt took Em to my mom’s for the night. We (Clark Kent and Lois Lane) hosted a birthday party for Lauren at our place. It was great seeing so many old friends and celebrating Lou’s big day. Her costume- hilarious! ๐Ÿ™‚ย Tuck stuck around for all the fun and ย even got to be held by some friends. He is so loved.

On Friday we had another chiro appointment for Tuck and Em enjoyed playing with all the leftover balloons…

Later that night we headed to Target for some entertainment…

We spent Saturday catching up with the Juarez fam. We took a family walk to Chik Fil A and spent time talking while the kiddos napped…

Saturday night we had dinner with friends at Lauren’s mom’s house. She makes some delicious spaghetti dinner and her house is simply amazing and cozy. It is so refreshing to spend time with these girls. I can’t imagine life without these ladies and I’m so thankful for all the memories we have together. We’ve grown up together and seen each other through so many different seasons of life..glad we’re still having fun and making memories together!

Sunday we had one last lunch with friends before Lauren and Dave headed home. We’re scheming on how to get them to move home though so hopefully we’ll come up with a genius plan soon.

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