Copy Cat

We’ve officially hit the phase of parenthood where everything we do or say is being watched and most likely imitated.

Emmy just popped out of her kitchen saying, “hmmm…. hmm…cup??” Which is obviously what I say every time I’m looking for something. We’re used to putting Emmy to bed and not hearing from her until morning since she sleeps with a pacifier. The other night was so special because we heard noises coming from her room. We put our ears by the door and listened as she sang “Twinkle Star” to her babies. We laughed and fell even a little bit more in love with our Em.

Unfortunately it works the same way with the habits we don’t want her picking up like playing with the phone or like when Matt gets frustrated with a home project and Emmy walks around grunting in frustration for days. 🙂 Yes, our little copy cat is listening and learning everyday. It seems she doubles her vocabulary daily and it’s scary how fast she’s growing up these days. It still shocks me when little three word sentences roll out of her mouth like no big deal. When did this happen? Weren’t we just rocking you to sleep and dressing you in onesies?

Parenthood definitely makes you think about everything you do and say in a whole new way. It’s a huge responsibility to be mommy and daddy and that responsibility is ever-changing and growing as they grow too. We’ve been praying, reading, and talking lots lately about what this means for us.

What parenting books or philosophies have you found helpful?

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