I love our doctors, but I’d love to see them less.

I’m ready for a break from their waiting rooms and my google search bar. It feels like I’ve been scheduling appointments for this fam nonstop lately. Nothing is quite like the feeling of having a sick kid. You’d take their aches or pains in a heartbeat if you could. It’s just so much worse than going through things yourself. You feel so helpless and truly wish you could make things all better with a simple kiss.

A few weeks ago we learned that Tucker has something called Torticollis. Yes. A big, SCARY word for a stiff neck. We were shocked to learn he would need physical therapy and some repositioning/stretching at home to correct the problem. He is our little tummy time champ and has a very strong neck. He always turns for noises and he had always seemed perfectly perfect to us. But, our doctor noticed at his 2 month check-up that he was favoring turning to one side over the other, causing a bit of a flat spot on his left side from always facing that way.

Of course, as soon as I left the doctors office I had a million and one questions and the anxiety started rolling in. I googled it nonstop and mostly read about all the worst possible scenarios. I felt terrible for our little guy and retraced everything we’d done with him up to this point- searching for all my mistakes as his mother. We started stretching and repositioning him right away. We started having him sleep on his tummy, turned to his “tight side” during naps. He started doing tummy time like a full time job. We weren’t able to get into the physical therapist for nearly a month and I wasn’t willing to go that long without answers. So, I started looking for other options.  I found that many people found chiropractors can be really helpful for babies with this issue and actually correct the problem much faster. A friend recommended a local chiropractor and she has been AMAZING! We love her and Tucker is already starting to make changes for the better. Praise God! By the way- we are totally open to any suggestions that have worked for others! We want to do whatever we can to fix this as early as we can, so send your advice my way.

As if the anxiety of a new diagnosis for Tucker wasn’t enough, last Sunday Emmy took a bad spill at Gram’s house. It was awful timing with Matt out of town. Nonetheless, mommy-powers kicked in and I took Emmy to both the Urgent Care and her first dentist appointment last week. Both brought about plenty of tears. Ah! It hurt my heart like nothing else to see Em’s eyes all full of tears and hear her whimper, “Ouchy! ouchy! ouchy!” It makes me sad to think her smile is forever changed. Her two front teeth have some pretty sharp chips and her dentist says her frenulum may never go back into place completely. If anything, it will be quite swollen for weeks.

No solutions for a Mommy that wants things fixed yesterday is hard. My least favorite appointments are the ones that basically tell you not to do anything. Thanks for telling me to have patience… I can’t wait to pay the bill.  To look at the bright side- the dentist had an amazing waiting room and I think Em thought we were there for the party. So, that’s definitely worth something in my book. 🙂

I decided to join the doctor-visit-party myself, so my Mom watched the kids for a bit this week while I went in. When Matt asked if I was nervous about my appointment I said, “not at all”. I could care less about a little pain myself, I just don’t want my kids to go through these things. Enough visits for the Smith family already.

Being a mom has taught me so much about selflessness. It’s a beautiful thing to care for someone else more than yourself- something I didn’t fully understand until kids. I’m thankful everyday for all these babes have taught me. Being their mom is my favorite.Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

3 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Jessica Pike says:

    I completely understand what you mean about feeling like you had done something wrong as a mother. I felt to exact same way when we found out Evan would need a DOC band. Then I realized it was not my fault. It is tough as a mom not to be upset when something is “wrong” with your baby. Be very glad your doctor caught it early. We are the ones who had to bring it up with our doctor. If we would have caught it earlier, Evan probably would not have needed to wear the helmet for so long. I will be praying that little Tucker’s neck muscles will lengthen and release quickly!


  2. Brianne Wade says:

    I just wanted to leave a comment about the torticollis. I had twins (Waylon and Tucker) and Waylon had torticollis related to being squished in the womb. Well we didn’t even catch it until he was probably 4-5 months old and started PT around 5-6 months. So I think it’s great that you caught it so quickly! And PS.. I’m a pediatric nurse, so you can imagine how stupid I felt! Lol 🙂 good luck with PT.. It helped Waylon immensely, but sadly he did have to wear a helmet for a couple of months bc his head was already so flat. I DID freak out when I found out he needed a helmet, but it was not a big deal at all! He didn’t mind it at all.. He’d actually go get it for me to put on him 🙂 Hopefully your little boy doesn’t need one.. But you can email me if you have any questions! (I went to nursing school with Angie!)


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