Our Week in Snapshots


Sunday was a rough one for our fam. Emmy took a bad spill at my parents house. I was inside getting Tuck a bottle and Em was running full speed ahead on the cement chasing her cousins and Gram. She came in the house bawling and bloody. She had a fat lip, scraped skin, and chipped teeth. Worst and weirdest issue: her frenulum stuck between her teeth. After struggling to get it loose for a while with poor em screaming like crazy we headed to urgent care. I started really missing Matt and wishing he was home to help comfort our baby and tell me what to do. It is the most heartbreaking thing to have to see your child in pain.

In the morning we cuddled in bed and Em acted perfectly happy. She is already such a great big sis. She wanted to read Tucker her Elmo book right away. Monday night we went to the airport to pick up daddy. We surprised him by going inside to greet him. He brought home a special souvenir for our little Elmo-obsessed trooper. Aw! All 3 of us were glad to have him home!

Tuesday morning was soccer practice #2. We missed having Jonah in class! Gram and Pa came to watch the kids and em ran right out off the soccer field when she noticed “PA!!!” was there. Later that day we put our new bed together. We’ve been working hard on turning our boring bedroom into a glam hotel vibe. We want it to be the one room that’s nonkidfriendly and just, pretty. Em was a big helper as always. She even helped Tuck read her touch and feel story. πŸ™‚

Wednesday was pretty much spent running errands, doing chores, and playing outside. Em was “not impressed” with our cashier at the grocery store. Haha later that night we had our 2nd annual pumpkin carving night with the Kielmeyers. Matt and I decided to have a little competition for best Elmo pumpkin in honor of Emmy. His wound up looking just like Cookie Monster so he wants everyone to believe that was his intention. I just want everyone to know that I won. πŸ™‚

Thursday morning was Em’s first dentist apt. The waiting room at this place was out of control. We could have stayed to play all day. She did much better than I was expecting but sadly they suggested we do nothing. 😦 At least the hardest she cried was when it was time to leave the dentist. Later that night we went to Angie’s for dinner with old friends from Michigan in town. Pa caved and let the cousins watch Elmo on his lap towards the end of the night. πŸ™‚

Friday morning we met at the pumpkin patch for round 2. My little owl was such a sweet little cuddle bug. Ems favorites were definitely jumping on the blowups and riding the ponies. Later that night the cousins, Lindsey, and Natalie stopped by to say hi and see our new place. The kids love baby tucker and it’s so sweet. πŸ™‚

Saturday morning I left at the crack of dawn for Vegas. Matt had a work conference and they had an extra ticket to penn and teller so I got to join very last minute. Mine and Cody came to the rescue and babysat the kiddos for a full 24 hours. They are seriously amazing. I had a blast on my first trip to Vegas and loved getting a date night with Matt. We packed in a ton of fun on our short trip and barely slept a wink. But, I gotta say it was very hard to be away from the kiddos and I thought about them nonstop. Glad to have them in my arms again!


On Sunday, I took the kids to church by myself since Daddy was playing in Socktoberfest. After church we ventured out to the fields, cheered for Daddy and played on the bleachers. After naps, we went to hang with the King family, but the night quickly ended with Emmy’s accident. We were more than happy to get to take Tucker home for a few hours!

Monday was a slow day at home. We ended the night with a Juarez (adult) family celebration at Mi Cocina for Aunt Jen’s 30th birthday. A great night on Cherry Street!20131027-225104.jpg

Tuesday morning, Jonah woke up with a congested cough, so Norah and I headed to soccer practice without the little man. Thankfully, Daddy could stay with him for a bit! Norah was very happy to see sweet Emerson. We even stopped at QT on the way home to pick up some gum, it’s Norah’s latest favorite!

After naps, we walked to the park to play. Every time we go to the park, I am amazed how much the kids have grown! They always have a new trick.

Wednesday morning Jonah was feeling pretty yucky, so Daddy took Norah the warehouse and to work for a couple hours. They ended their fun at the park. Jonah and I went to Reasor’s (our new favorite grocery store :))- he walked around with his shirt in the air, saying, “Off! Off! Mommy… off!” #SillyKid

On Thursday, my best friend from childhood came to visit. Lindsey and I grew up on the same street, spent countless hours playing Barbies and making hopscotches, and now we’re raising kids together (with only 15hrs between us :).) We had a family dinner at our house to welcome their family to T-town. Love you Weiringa/Wagenmakers.

Friday morning was Norah’s Pumpkin Party at school. She was SO excited to be a “flower princess.” It was all her idea, she picked out her clothes and everything. After dropping Norah off with all her “princess” friends, we headed to the Pumpkin Patch with Lindsey, Jodi, my mom and the little kids.

When I picked up Norah later that day, they had a class party with cupcakes, cookies and carousel rides. Norah introduced me to all her friends and smiled away!

After Jonah woke up from his nap, we all loaded up for a Target visit and then headed to Jodi’s to see her new home. The kiddos all ran to greet Tucker.

Saturday afternoon we decided on showing Lindsey and Natalie the Tulsa Children’s Museum. It was a great time to play explore! The evening ended with a family dinner at my parent’s house and cuddles by the chiminea.

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