20 Fall Activities for the Family

My love for Fall is at an all-time high and I’m really getting in the mood the colder this weather gets. I’m trying to pack in everything we can while the season’s here. Before we kiss Autumn goodbye, I have a list of to-do’s for family fun.

1. Pumpkin Patch- check! Although, I see another trip in our near future. A trip to the pumpkin patch was just the way to start this glorious season. Pumpkins, animals and hayrides. What more could you ask for?

2. Pumpkin Carving- One of my favorite traditions. We’ve got our pumpkin carving night on the books and I can hardly wait. I’ve had some major fails the last two years so I’m ready to redeem myself. We love roasting the pumpkin seeds and eating them too.pumpkin carving

3. Homemade Chili- YUM! Nothing tastes better on a cold night than a bowl of homemade chili and cornbread. Here’s my favorite turkey chili recipe.Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.36.11 PM

4. Fire Night- Wether it’s in the backyard or the comfort of your living room, a fire is the perfect way to enjoy a fall evening. We’ve been loving our new chiminea because it adds the best smell to a cozy night.

5. Apple Picking- I’ve never been apple-picking but our family eats more apples than anyone I know so I’m sure we’d love it. I can already hear Em repeating “APPLE! APPLE!” over and over again. πŸ™‚

6. Baking Day- Fall definitely brings some sinful desserts to the forefront of my mind. Pretty much anything pumpkin is perfect to me. Last night we enjoyed Β a little Freckles pumpkin custard. Delish! BUT, I am definitely “teaching” Em how to bake an apple or pumpkin pie this year. She’s the best helper in the kitchen (i.e.- looks adorable in an apron licking my spoons).

7. Leaf Jumping- Probably the most cliche fall fun idea but I just have to watch Em do this. She JUST learned how to jump with two feet and actually get off the ground. I can’t imagine what she would think of a big pile of leaves to jump into. Now that our yard is full of massive trees, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of leaf-jumping to do. On another note I heard once kids can jump, they can be potty-trained. I’m scared. :/

8. Knit Something- Oh, yes!! I’m seeing lots of beanies for babies. and mamas. and daddies. Just kidding, Matt probably won’t wear one. It’s too “cool” for him. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I have to learn first. So far, my knitting abilities have been limited to a few scarfs and one pouf (with lots of help from Fusun). So, let knitting class begin.Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 6.23.53 PM9. Hot Apple Cider- I’ll admit I don’t LOVE more than about one cup of this a season but the idea of a crockpot of cider filling my home with such an amazing aroma sounds pretty lovely. Must try!

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 2.43.20 PM

10. Fall Festival- We love the fall festival COTM puts on and we’ll most likely join the “Pirates and Princesses” party at the Bridge this year too!skunk

11. Homemade Costume- Homemade is just way more fun. Last year I made Emmy a little skunk costume. It was FAR from perfect but totally hilarious. This year I have plans for both goobers and need to get on it and start crafting.

12. Caramel Popcorn- YUM!

13. Pumpkin candles- Once again, smells! Even Matt loves a great seasonal candle. It just makes your house homier and the mood cozier.

14. Go for a walk- Bundle the kids up and head out with the stroller. Now that you won’t be sweating bullets and refilling water cups, you can enjoy the light breeze and changing trees.

15. Play some football- May be better suited to older kids but I still think the kids would love tossing a ball around in the backyard and the adults could probably get a fun game going. Matt and I want to bring the kids to a Lincoln football game just for the fun of it. I’m up for going anywhere they have concessions. What is it with me and corn dogs? Is it just that they’re the most unhealthy thing you could probably eat? Probably.

16. Craft Night- So many great projects! I personally LOVE crafts and have seen some fabulous ideas (of course on Pinterest). Pumpkin painting, wreath-making, leaf rubbings with the kids, etc.

17. Game Night- I’m down for a game night any time of year but something about a chilly night makes having friends over so much more fun. Teach the kids some board games, build a tent, pop up some popcorn and enjoy each other.

18. Buy a Season- Matt and I love buying seasons of our favorite shows. It’s so fun to have a show that you both enjoy and can watch a couple episodes of to unwind. It’s so much easier than searching for a movie worth watching. Don’t forget the popcorn (Smith’s love POPCORN!) I’m doing a popcorn recipe post soon because believe me you’re not even scratching the surface if you’re still eating microwave popcorn.

19. Family Photos- yep. The colors and clothes are just the best for some family pics.

20. SHOP!- The best season in my opinion for some serious retail therapy. Tights, boots, scarfs, hats, jackets, and MORE!

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