Pumpkin Patch

20131012-174953.jpgOur day at Pumpkin Town…

“BALLS!”20131012-175009.jpgLet’s throw them!!!!! 20131012-175027.jpg

20131012-211308.jpg 20131012-211335.jpg

Pumpkin Town is HUGE! They had so many entertaining fall things for the kids, from bikes and dollhouses, to tractor and pony rides…

20131012-211526.jpg 20131012-211511.jpg20131012-175053.jpg20131014-101002.jpg

And then we attempted family photos…20131012-175120.jpgEven though Emmy was yelling “No, no, no, ALL DONE” in this photo it looks like she’s smiling and loving life so we’ll take it. I think Emmy’s squeals are hurting Norah’s ears and Jonah’s just digging for some goodies. haha.20131012-175137.jpg

SUCCESS!!! 20131012-211353.jpgAnd not so much for the Smith’s…


20131012-175325.jpg“CHICKEN!!!” Cue the animal noises…20131012-175333.jpg20131012-175343.jpgThe wind brought Jonah-man some BALLS!!!

Every loop Emmy would call out, “Hi Tucker!!!”. Heart-melter. 20131012-175426.jpg

Tractor rides…20131014-100934.jpg

We definitely suggest a family trip to Pumpkin Town. You should plan to make it a few hour event since there is so much to do. Bring lots of cash because all the “extras” cost extra. The memories will be so worth it. Fall is the best. It will be my personal mission to teach my children this by making sure they don’t miss out on a single fall tradition or event. 🙂

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