Our Week in Snapshots


After our time at the fair on Sunday, we had the family over for a fire. It was so wonderful to enjoy the crisp fall air in such a cozy and relaxing way. I feel a lot more “fire nights” coming this season. Of course Josh came up with the grand idea of making the popcorn on the chiminea rather than the stove. It actually worked great and felt a lot more rustic. The kids suckered HJ and Chelsea into watching Elmo once bedtime was long gone. They do so great with all the kids and we definitely don’t mind letting them be the entertainers for a bit. πŸ™‚

On Monday, Mine’ and I worked on some party planning. We are thrilled to be helping with the New Hope Charity Event in November. “NAY” got some great little smiles out of Tuck and of course made Em her biggest fan once again. Those two are buds! πŸ™‚

Tuesday was a relaxing day spent mostly at home with the kids. Matt finally got the time to take a lunch break so we headed to the Ripe Tomato with the kids. Em is getting really good at taking pictures at my phone. I was surprised to find this one she snapped of us. Love it! Later that night we headed to Lowe’s for some project supplies. Can I just say, having a home project is the best and we will probably always have “something” in the works. One of our current ideas is outdoor lights, hence the Christmas decor aisles. I just got so excited for Christmas with this girl. Everything is so fun now that she is a little bit older this year. But now she needs to stop growing up. I’m convinced this is the perfect age and I’d like to freeze her now please.

Wednesday was another lovely day of light winds and cool temps. We started our day with sidewalk chalk and ended up at the park with Aunt Angie and Miss Zina. Em and Nor love holding hands at the park and swings are at the top of their lists. Precious. Em was totally worn out after our park adventure. She DID NOT find daddy joining her in the crib as funny as we did. haha

OnΒ Thursday night we were so happy to have AJ, Shirley, HJ, and Chels over. We once again sat around the fire, grilled out, and played in the backyard. Oh- and we ate apple pie and pumpkin ice cream. Perfect! These guys will be newlyweds next weekend… Crazy!

Friday we took a trip to the mall and played lots of “kitchen”. We went a little crazy with chalk and gave Tuck a turn in Emmy’s little baby doll pack n’ play. haha… a little tight for the little guy but he didn’t mind. Later that night the cousins came over for a slumber party. Uncle Matt didn’t disappoint with games, stories, and rides. These kids have a blast together and it’s too cute to watch. Four kids is no joke and we crashed that night for sure.

20131012-162130.jpgSaturday morning the cousins loved waking up to another party. We headed out before naps for more fun at the pumpkin patch. Pumpkin post coming Monday…


Sunday morning we picked up our littles from Gram and Pa’s house, they had a blast! That evening was a beautiful night by the fire at Jodi’s. Josh made some delicious popcorn and everyone was loving this perfect Oklahoma weather!

On Monday, we decided to take a picnic to the park and soak in the beautiful day again. Norah learned how to slide down a fire poll and Jonah kept trying to catch a ride on the back of Norah’s tricycle- my brave little boy!

Monday night we played at Mimi’s with Aunt Jen and Aunt Tori. Norah insisted on a game of “Tiger”… of course, everyone jumped in.

On Tuesday morning, we headed to soccer practice at Lil’ Kickers. Last week, we took Norah for the first time in almost a year and she loved it… Jonah hated being on the sidelines. So, we decided that doing classes at the same time was a better idea. Jonah LOVED stomping on the bubbles and yelling “Go team!” After practice, we headed up to the mall to find some pants for the kids- of course they started doing yoga in the first mirror they could find ;).

After the kids crashed into bed at nap-time, I called Josh to find out the WONDERFUL news that Reasor’s has changed their mind and wanted us to keep our 71st shack in their parking lot. God is so faithful! The day was an emotional let down after several nights of restless sleep. We took Tuesday evening to rest, cuddle and enjoy each other. Jonah was trying to scheme up yet another adventure!

On Wednesday, Miss Zina came over to play with the kids so Josh could catch up on school work and Mommy could go to Bootcamp. The kiddos sure do love her! They were thrilled that she joined us later at the park!

Thursday was our cleaning day. I happy to say my house stayed clean for all of 2.5hrs (nap time and slightly more.) That evening, Nana and Papa (Josh’s grandparents) were in town. They came over to see our house and then we all headed to Mimi’s for dinner. Norah just adores Nana and what a great sport Nana is- she plays all of Norah’s games! At bedtime, Norah told me, “Mommy, Nana is my friend. :)”

On Friday, Norah had school day “#6.” Her teacher told me that Norah was wonderful, but didn’t nap because she and her friend were whispering the whole time. That’s my girl! πŸ™‚ After I picked Jonah up from Mimi’s, we met Daddy for lunch at la Madeline (yum!) and then came home to play lots of kitchen. Love this special 1 on 1 time!

Friday evening, the kiddos went to Uncle Matt and Aunt JoJo’s for a sleepover. Josh and I went to see Aunt Tori’s Show Choir perform. They did wonderful!

Saturday afternoon we ventured out to the Pumpkin Patch with our little Pumpkins. Love these goobers!

After an fun-filled day and very little sleep, Mommy decided a relaxing run with the stroller and some play-time at home was the best way to end our Saturday.Β 20131013-001254.jpg

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