Our Week in Snapshots


Last week Sunday, I took the kids to church by myself for only like the second time ever! πŸ™‚ Josh had to get the shacks ready and be at Baconfest, so I decided to be brave and head to church. Norah loves kids church, Jonah were still working on. After church, we drove downtown to see Daddy and Zina at Baconfest. We also tried bacon cupcakes, bacon pineapple juice and candied bacon. Norah tried everything and loved the cupcakes!

After naps, we went to HJ and Chelsea’s new house to celebrate HJ’s birthday. The kids loved playing with all the kids, searching for bugs, and for Riddle the cat. Jonah was LOVING Chelsea!

On Monday, we ran shack errands with Daddy and then met Mimi and Pops at the mall for lunch and riding escalators. Later that day, I found the kids chatting on the back deck… a surreal, happy moment for me. We had dinner with the River’s fam and the kids searched for treasures all over the backyard!

Tuesday was our busy day- I thrive on these days! We met Aunt JoJo at the Tulsa Children’s Museum. On our way there, we made a stop at Chimera, a new coffee shop in the Brady District. If you haven’t been, you should- I love it! The kids loved the museum- they played, did crafts and explored.

After crashing into bed for naptime, we headed up to Soccer City for Lil Kickers for Norah. We did this when she was younger and she loved it, so I wanted to try it again. She thought it was super fun and loved having a “big kid” class (no mommies involved.)

On Wednesday, we cleaned and relaxed at home. Norah officially named an animal all by herself- no suggestions from Mommy. This doggie’s name is “Sparkley.”

Thursday morning, we ventured out to the Tulsa State Fair. So fun! We spent the majority of the time in the Petting Zoo and Birthing Center. So interesting for the kiddos! Norah got to ride some rides too, she was so brave! Our family favorite was the Sky Ride over the fair. All the excitement left Norah talking a mile-a-minute and Jonah passed out in the backseat. Too precious!

That evening we had an EPIC 80’s party to celebrate Jenn’s (Josh’s sister) 30th Birthday! Yay! It was so fun to dress up, dance and have “adult time” with friends.

Friday was day 5 of school for Norah. She picked the “pose” she wanted to do and took funny selfies on the way to school. Jonah was SOOOO happy to have Norah home from school, he hugged and clung onto her for several minutes. Norah loved the love :). After Jonah napped, we headed up to the sno shack to soak in the last day we could be open at 71st and Garnett.

Bright and early Saturday morning, Heather and I ran the Tulsa Zoo Run. We did it by ourselves, but next year we’ll include the kids! It is a great run that rolls through Mohawk Park and ends in the zoo. So fun to run with a friend! The rest of the day was rainy, so the kids and I cuddled, dressed in cozy clothes and built a fort.

That evening, Norah and Jonah spent the night at Grandma’s so that we could have a “sno shack family” party at our 71st and Garnett shack before it was hauled away. It was an encouraging evening, full of fun and memories. We have the world’s best staff!


Last Sunday, we celebrated Uncle H.J.’s birthday! We all got together at their new house for a little cook out and hang time. The Davis family came and Emmy couldn’t get enough of Miss Selah. The kids had a blast doing chalk, basketball, balloons, stairs, and bubbles. πŸ™‚

On Monday I started thinking about a couple rooms in our house that have been neglected since move-in: our bedroom and the dining room. They’ve been kind of “last on our list” and nothing’s been hung on the walls. I decided to do some home shopping and get to decorating. Emmy was a great shopping buddy but decided to just plop down in the middle of the check-out lane at Marshall’s with a good book. πŸ™‚ Later we had a picnic outside and took a family trip to Lowe’s for a new plant.

Tuesday morning we met Angie and the cousins for some fun at the children’s museum. They have changed almost everything since our last visit. The kids once again had a ball exploring. It’s so wild to see how much they’ve grown just since our last visit. They now race through the tape tunnel all by themselves. ;(

On Wednesday, my mom took Emmy for the day/night for some special gram and pa time. I was amazed at all the things that got checked off my list without my busy bee around the house. I vacuumed, swept, swiffered, scrubbed, and completed lots of laundry. And the best part, it stayed clean for longer than 10 seconds. woohoo! πŸ™‚ Later that night the girls came over for some chill time. Always refreshing! Tucker loved all the special attention and even showed the girls his little grin. Love!

Thursday morning Emmy came home from her time with Gram and Pa and had to greet Tuck with some tickles. I had to show her her new little crib for her babies in her closet/kitchen. She loved it so much, she barreled in with them. I don’t see this little baby pack n’ play lasting very long. πŸ™‚ Later we headed to the mall for a birthday gift. While perusing the racks I looked over to see Em holding hands with Tucker and even making him dance along with the music. Another heart-melting moment for these two!

Friday morning we headed to Utica for some shopping with friends. This girl loves sneaking into the front display at Pottery Barn. I probably should have had her come out but not before a quick pic. I mean I’d buy her! πŸ˜‰ I also indulged in my first time “out to eat” in about 23 days. Oh how I’ve missed you Chik-fil-A! Finally starting to relax on this post-baby diet of extreme clean-eating. I’m a much happier person with a little popcorn in my life. We headed up to the 71st and Garnett sno shack for the last time. 😦 Emmy loved her Josh’s Mix and running the parking lot with Gram and Pa!

Saturday we LOVED the fall weather!

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