Dealing with Disappointment

Today has been rough! We found out that our very first business location will be forced to move. Reasor’s is a “local” grocery store that recently bought out the Food Pyramid at 71st and Garnett in Tulsa, Ok. This store promotes being local and even keeps Jeff Reasor in their commercials to imply that they are family run store; however, they have refused to see the positive family entertainment that Josh’s Sno Shack has brought to Tulsa for the last 9 years. They state that due to “company policy,” they cannot let us continue to operate in our location, at the edge of their parking lot.

We are so very disappointed.

On May 13th, 2005,  Josh opened our first sno shack in the then Albertson’s parking lot. We were so impressed with the Tulsa love! As we added locations over the years, we continued to open our 71st and Garnett location first each spring-as a symbol of our beginnings. Kids camped out (urban camping), radio stations broadcasted it and the Tulsa World even named us the “Unoffical Start of Summer.”

All of our locations are unique in their customer population; however, the SW corner of 71st and Garnett feels extra special. It holds many special memories for us! It was the place Josh and I really fell in love, the reason Josh and I were able to get married. It was the place Josh learned to play guitar and where he wrote our proposal song. It was the first shack I brought my kids to and where they learned what Daddy did at work. It was the place that we met so many special people- all of our staff got trained in this location.

We’ve had couples come get a sno cone after their wedding reception, seen proposals and Prom invites. Even seen some of our own staff fall in love here. Hundreds and thousands of people have had a place to “hang out” over the last 9 years.  We’ve done charity events, had the Union high steppers and drum-line perform and prepped all of our catering events 71st and Garnett.

The memories are unending.

Josh and I have always struggled with how transient our business feels to the professional community. For us, it is our full-time job. We pour our heart and soul into shaved ice. I quit my job as an RN to make sno cones (and to raise our kids) and Josh works endless hours all summer. So… this feels like a punch in the stomach. Or, as Josh put it, he feels like he just got broken up with :(.  The shacks are our babies.

Disappointment is never fun. It hurts to embrace and knocks on your psyche like a Jehovah’s Witness at the door. Sigh…

I keep returning to the idea that “time heals all wounds” and that my God is faithful. I know that wonderful things are in our future and that my God holds those things- I am confident that He will complete the good work He began in us. Phil 1:6.

As we clean out the shack this weekend and pick up the pieces of disappointment, we will continue to keep our focus on the future. We don’t feel “done” with this stage in our lives, nor with the staff we do life with everyday. As heavy as this load feels now, I am hopeful that good will abound. I have the utmost confidence in Josh (the man of a million of ideas) and ultimately, in my God.

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