Our Week in Snapshots


On Sunday we went to church and Miss Em needed some cheering up after nursery. Gram got her laughing and smiling again in no time πŸ˜‰ We spent the rest of the day playing at Gram and Pa’s house. Sweet Jonah-man loves his new cousin!

Monday we took the kids for a walk at La Fortune and played at the park afterwards. Later, we played lots of kitchen but I was so touched when Em brought her soup making supplies to the real kitchen to be close to me.

Tuesday morning we brought the kids to preschool playtime at Bounce U. That place is just so much fun for everyone. Afterwards Em went home with Gram while we headed to my dr. apt. When I picked her up later that night her and Pa were having a popcorn party. So cute!

Wednesday we had a pretty chill day at home. I had a blast taking photos of Tuck trying to keep him awake a little longer. I finally got this hilariously adorable shot. πŸ™‚ Later that night we headed up to Lifetime to have some family swim time..

Thursday my mom babysat Em at our house for a little bit while I went to a meeting. When I text to see how the kids were doing this is the pic I got back. haha– love this crazy gal! Matt has been so supportive and eating incredibly “clean” with me while I try to shed the rest of this baby weight. As soon as I left the house for a girl’s night, he popped up some popcorn with Emmy. At least he did it while I was gone! Smelling popcorn would definitely be my kryptonite for a huge cheat!

On Friday we met Jonah and Aunt Ang for some shopping at Old Navy. These cousins find fun wherever they go! They played peek-a-boo in the clothing racks, made friends with mannequins, and chased balloons all over the store. oh- and we love Amazon Prime, especially when the boxes double as playhouses. πŸ™‚

Saturday morning was very lazy. We spent the rainy day inside just enjoying being home. Em licked her yogurt clean and had fun playing in the tub afterwards. I brushed her hair straight back so her mullet could be displayed in its full glory. πŸ™‚ And this sweet little boy started smiling lots today. Love!

Saturday night we took a trip to the mall after a long rainy day of lazing at home. Emmy and I rode the carousel together. She was in complete shock at first but loved waving and saying hi to Tuck over and over again. Later, Gram and Pa stopped by to play and visit. This girl loves her Pa and all their silly games!


Last week Sunday was a typical King-family-Sunday: munching, swimming, napping, playing, and push-up (-ing?) contests by the pool.

On Monday, Jodi and I ventured off to LaFortune for some walking and playing on a beautiful day. They have an awesome playground, several playground sets and that wonderful padded ground that is so wonderful for new walkers.

Monday evening was dinner with Pops and Aunt Tori since Mimi and Jen were in Boston. The kids LOVE to play with Aunt Tori πŸ™‚

After a night of fun, we headed home and enjoyed the evening on our screen porch. It was late and way past bedtime, but it was just too relaxing to rush off to teeth-brushing and jammies. Norah kept saying, “Oh man guys, I just really love the bue (view)!”

Bounce U’s Preschool Play-date has been a Norah favorite for a long time and she was SO excited to go play on Tuesday. Gram even met us for some fun!

After naptime on Tuesday, we headed up to Lifetime Fitness for their “Tuesday Run Club.” They were trying to set a record for runners and promoted the event with a Bounce House, food, music, Zumba, and even a toddler race. Norah LOVE, LOVE, LOVES to be a part of runs with Mommy! It was a beautiful evening and after a minor potty emergency (thank you to Cooper’s Mimi for letting us come over mid-run!), we ran 5 miles. These kiddos LOVED being a part of the 350+ person team.

Wednesday was our lazy day. Jonah is cutting lots of teeth (he’s a little late to the teeth game :)). The new teeth make him pretty clingy and emotional. We spent the day hugging sister, playing kitchen, baking some gluten-free cookies, and playing with Mimi.

Thursday morning Daddy was home and we got right to work on the long list of home projects that have gone forsaken in the business of summer. The first thing on the list, was re-seeding our grass. Norah “helped” Daddy mow- in her pink tutu of course! Then they went to the grass store, spread seed, and even laid a couple patches of sod together. Jonah and I laughed at some bubbles and cuddled a lot, it was another rough day for little man.

After all the hard-work, Norah and Daddy set to work on making homemade Lemonade. Norah was so happy and sweet that we let her skip naptime. Having Daddy home is just too great!

Friday was school day #4 for Norah. She was very happy to get to go see her friends! While she was gone, Jonah and I met Jodi and her crew at Old Navy. Jonah loves Emmy and these two are so silly together! After the fun, we picked Norah up from school and headed home for a Jonah nap and Norah relaxing time. Later that night, Josh and I got to play in our 2nd co-ed soccer game. I haven’t played since 2004, but Josh’s skills never seem to lack. Love playing with my high-school sweetheart!

Saturday was drizzly, rainy day. We stayed in our jammies til almost noon and then the kids went out to get soaked. True fun :).

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