First Day: Take 1

A couple weeks ago we embarked on the school journey with our 3-year-old. For months, she had been asking about going to school, wishing to meet new friends and have new adventures. As a SAHM, I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to send her off to school… yet. I decided that we would take the summer to soak in the sun, celebrate pool days, and embark on new adventures. It was wonderful season–enjoying the kids and watching them enjoy life. They have grown so much since last summer!

I watched Norah make friends every where we went, she jumped into games of tag at the park and quickly apologize if she ran into someone. She loved talking about friends she met on the playground or at the pool. She was mastering the social fields. She was ready for school. Was I? πŸ™‚

I don’t characterize myself as “nostalgic” or “emotional.” I tend to like patterns, details, and truths. I recognize that school is a part of life and that growing up is too. That is why treasuring each moment is important- because they come and go quickly. Nonetheless, as Norah’s first day approached, I felt myself getting uneasy at the thought of not knowing what she was up to for 5hrs. Not knowing if she felt safe or understood. I guess its normal?

The week before school began, we practiced “making friends.” We asked their name, told them ours and asked if they wanted to play with us. Norah quickly became aΒ  pro… and she loved the game.

“Hi Mimi, what’s your name?”


“Oh, my name’s Norah. Want to play with me!?”

We picked out a backpack, a lunch box, and a nap mat for school. Norah insisted that she wanted DORA, so we ended up picking out her stuff on so that the “mail man could bring it to her.” Norah loved the anticipation of her own packages arriving!20130924-161159.jpg

The night before school, we painted her nails and picked out her clothes. I gave her three choices, cause this girl definitely likes things to be HER idea. Then, we packed her lunch. She wanted a STAR sandwich, carrots, blueberries and grapes… and “a granola bar in the secret pocket, just in case I get more hungry.”20130924-160014.jpg

She was SO excited.

Waking up on the first day, we tried to take things slow. Keeping life calm and relaxed was important to me, I wanted Norah to see that I wasn’t anxious about school and she shouldn’t be either. We watched Dora while we ate breakfast and waited for Mimi to come over to help us get ready for school.

Then, we took LOTS of pictures by the front door… because that’s what we’ll do for the next 15 years. πŸ™‚

Norah was SO very proud of herself and all her “school stuff.”

As we drove to school, Norah was quite and a little anxious. She wondered what I would do all day without her. Would I come get her later?

Pulling into parking lot she got really excited to see all these kids! Everyone hauling in their nap mats and giggling. Then Gram and Daddy showed up too- what a celebration! πŸ™‚

The excitement lasted until we crossed the security doors. Then, Jonah burst into tears and sent Norah into hysteria as well. Mimi took Jonah outside, rescuing him from thoughts that he would be left too. Norah clung to her Daddy. He was so patient with her and the teachers were SO kind. Daddy promised Norah that he wouldn’t leave until she told him to. For several minutes, we stood in the classroom watching the other kids. Daddy tried to show her the play kitchen, but she wouldn’t let him go far.Β  Then, the teacher introduced Norah to Zeplyn. A sweet little girl friend- Norah smiled and looked at her daddy. “I’m okay now, you can go!” Smiles and deep breaths.

We waived good-bye, gave BIG hugs and I even wiped a few tears from my eyes, as we left. My sweet girl is growing up and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

She had a WONDERFUL time, LOVED her new friends… and she even fell asleep at nap time :). Too precious!20130924-160358.jpg

First Day: Take 1…. only 14 takes left. I will treasure each one!

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