Our Week in Snapshots


We spent last Sunday with the fam, per usual. Super daddy squeezed in between the two car seats to feed Tuck on the way to church.

We spent Monday playing at home. I realized these two had matching sweatshirts and thought it was a great excuse for more pictures. :)-

Tuesday morning we met friends at Utica. It was my first shopping trip with the double stroller. It’s always a puzzle trying to get in and out of places without causing a scene.

Later that night we got a surprise visit from Mr. Will. The Rivers family came by later and Emmy looooved playing with Diego and Lucas. They were so gentle and sweet with both Tuck and Em. I’m taking my cues on raising boys from this sweet family!

We met Angie, Vivi, and the kids for some park fun on Wednesday morning. It turned out to be ridiculously HOT out there! Later that night the cousins came over for more play time..

Thursday night was spent relaxing on the couch with some girlfriends. Love laughing with these friends!

On Friday mine and I took a trip to Target for some fall shopping. Loving their booties this season! Target does it again and again!

Gram brought the cousins over to see Em. Always an adorable greeting! πŸ™‚Β Matt came home from Houston bearing IKEA boxes full of kitchen fun for Emerson. After she went to bed we got to work with the 1 million pieces and vague instructions as IKEA loves to do. We did it!

Saturday morning felt like Christmas morning showing Emmy her new kitchen and baking toys. We SKYPed with Grandma and Grandpa in Chicago and spent the rest of the day enjoying a fire outside and a little shopping too!


Last week Sunday, we spent the day with Uncle Matt, Aunt JoJo, Emmy and Tuck while Daddy worked and Gram and Pa were on vacation. After some fun by the pool, we headed to the sno shack to see Daddy and say “nigh-night!” Jonah always makes sure he get every.last.drop. of his sno cone…. and then he asks for, “More!!!”

Mommy needed a “personal day” on Monday. Thankfully, Josh is the best life-partner in the world and offered to take the kids in the minivan to run all his morning errands. Bootcamp, Pilates, and the steam room left Mommy feeling much better. πŸ™‚ That evening we had dinner with Josh’s family. Josh defended Jonah’s monochromatic outfit, saying that “Norah picked it out and said it matched.” haha Oh, dads will be dads.

On Tuesday, we played outside. Norah practiced her “photography” and we found some crazy looking bugs. The night ended with an epic dance party in the kitchen.

Wednesday morning I woke up to find these two goobers chatting away. I thought the fall weather was rolling in, so I convinced Jodi to head to the park with Emmy and Tuck… sadly, the heat was back in full force. We were so thankful Vivi and Lucas got to join us though. Unexpected fun!!

Thursday was Josh’s first “day off” in several weeks. I took full advantage :). I got my hair done and then went to LaMadeline to answer catering emails and work for a bit on my own. When I got home, we took a family walk to Andy’s Frozen Custard. Here’s our secret for Andy’s with kids- they do “samples” in a mini cone if you ask…. it is the perfect size for little ones and really, a cone is all they want! πŸ™‚

On Friday, Norah embarked on Day #3 of school. She was SO excited this time and didn’t cry a bit at drop off (only an extra long hug at the door.) She looked adorable in her “running fast clothes. ” Gram came over later in the day to stay with Jonah while I went to Norah’s Back to School Party, an Ice Cream Social at school. How surreal! Norah loved showing me her new friends and it was great to meet other parents. I’m so proud of my girl!

Saturday morning was spent enjoying the outside, prepping for some deck work, and tackling a mountain of laundry. After a day of hard work, we were so happy to have Heather, Cooper and Kenzie come over for dinner and playtime! We ended our fun Saturday cuddled up on the couch- eating popcorn and watching Team Umizoomi.


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